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An independent station,

With jazz and conversation…
– Donald Fagen, The Nightfly

Music for your late night from the radio booth.

“The Nightfly” by Donald Fagen was far from the first (or the last) song about radio and disc jockeys, but more than any other song it captured the feel of being a late night DJ spinning jazzy tunes while waiting for callers to ring in with political commentary and crackpot theories, right down to the coffee-and-cigarette fueled solitude and even the advertising jingles.


But as noted above, Fagen was far from the only one to reminisce nostalgic (or not to nostalgic) about such things….

What do you remember about radio when growing up? Discovering new bands and taping favorites with a cheap Maxell or TDK tape? Hearing talk radio and all the politics conspiracy theories? Just listening to a baseball game while grilling out? Leave a comment and tell your story.

More tomorrow.

I Just Wanna Tell You How Someone Else Is Feeling

“If you must write prose and poems, the words you use should be your own, don’t plagiarise or take on loan” – The Smiths, Cemetry (sic) Gates

Melania Trump came under fire for allegedly plagiarizing a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008. Melania’s speech was also apparently hacked by someone on staff who snuck in a rickroll. However, journalists and music buffs are still discovering more stolen bits that were slipped into her speech.

From the Home Office in Cleveland, Ohio (Hello Cleveland!)…

The Top Ten Other Speeches and/Or Pop Songs “Borrowed” In Melania Trump’s Speech!

10 – You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, “There is a price we will not pay.”

9 – If the way that you need is too much like greed, decide if you are rich or you’re poor.

8 – Lift up your eyes upon The day breaking for you. Give birth again To the dream.

7 – If we lose the time before us, the future will ignore us, we should use it, we could use it, yeah.

6 – If spending money like water was the answer to our country’s problems, we would have no problems now.

5 – Standing tough under stars and stripes, we can tell, this dream’s in sight.

4 – As a young girl, I dreamed of being a baseball. But tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

3 – Take my thong off and my ass go boom!

2 – Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see ya.

And the Number One speech and/or pop song discovered in Melania’s speech…

1 – What else could I say? Hillary Clinton is gay!

Happy New Year!

They say nothing changes on New Year’s Day. But this past year has me reeling. Remember when Bill Cosby was the family man and America’s Dad, and Steely Dan were the shady freaks singing about Bad Things instead of grocery store Muzak?


You’ve got to admit it
At this point in time that it’s clear
The future looks bright
On that train all graphite and glitter
Undersea by rail
Ninety minutes from New York to Paris
Well by seventy-six we’ll be A.O.K.

  • Donald Fagen, “I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)”*

2015 has been a crazy year, in the most literal sense of the word. Grab your spandex jacket and go have a great night.

International Geophysical Year, July 1 1957 – December 31 1958

Black Friday Radio 2015

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your Black Friday! Try not to get killed by crazed shoppers.

Bonus: A full set of The Dan in Cincinnati from 2008 –

I just found this and haven’t had time to watch much but it sounds good so far.

Studio Bonus – Saturday Night Shodan

Bonus Studio on what seems to be turning into J-Pop night. Sort of.

From The Weekly Constitutional

 If you are anything like me, you have more than once found yourself sitting alone in your room listening to Steely Dan cover bands while lamenting:

“If only a group of chinamen would form a group devoted to doing spot on covers (except for the accent) of the Steely Dan classics…”

Well friends, your wait is over… Coming at you from Japan, here’s Steely Shodan…

Rather surreal hearing him sing “the shine in your Japan, the sparkle in your China.”

Here’s their version of “Kid Charlemagne” –

Donald Fagen of Steely Dan hears them for the first time –

And here’s some balls-out awesome –

No flies on them.

The band is a near perfect replica with a slight Japanese twist, and the singer looks like a streets-of-Chiba pimp or one of the gangsters in Black Rain, making him perfect for the, uh, less than cheery lyrics that Walt and Don  are notorious for. It’s like Steely Dan crossed with Blade Runner.

Rocktober Request Line

I’m the DJ, Nightsky
Hello Baton Rouge
Won’t you turn your radio down
Respect the seven second delay we use

Internet station NSR with jazz and conversation, here til the sun comes through the skylight. Call in with Rocktober song requests or to discuss why you’re for tougher legislation.

While we wait for your calls to come in, here’s a classic uplifting song about the Disc Jockey profession –

…. it seems someone let the manager into the DJ booth again. Let’s try that again….

Black Friday Radio 2014

Today is a format change – Night Sky Radio changes over to Black Friday Radio! Click to listen.


I’ll Collect Everything That’s Sold

Gonna do just what I please
Gonna wear no socks and shoes
With nothing to do
But catch all the sales and deals
When Black Friday falls you know it’s got to be…

wal-mart people 2

…don’t let them fall on me!

To paraphrase Morrissey, Wal-Mart shoppers of the world unite!

wal-mart people 1

Leftist Turn At Albuquerque

It started with this post, and led to an argument on CNN about white gay males stealing the culture of black women.

It’s amusing to me how gender is a social construct, and can be changed and transformed at will from one to another (or to made-up ones) but culture and political orientation are hardwired by biology. This neatly sidesteps the issue of whether cultural behaviors can have bad effects, since one can only act according to the culture defined by their color. Anyone imitating a culture outside their race is inauthentic at best and mocking at worst.

I don’t seem to remember Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, or Gloria Gaynor(!) being too upset about gay males buying their albums. Diana Ross even did a song, “I’m Coming Out,” written for her gay fanbase.

Makes ya wonder if Notorious B.I.G.,  P. Diddy, and Ma$e knew they were sampling a “gay song” when they released “”Mo Money Mo Problems,” or just wanted a catchy beat. Speaking of which, Diddy and Ma$e sure looked like they were borrowing from white culture in the opening of that song’s video. Were they mocking white culture? Or does Diddy just like playing golf?

Ma$e appropriated white culture in his video for “Welcome Back,” borrowing from “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” and using a sample of the theme song from “Welcome Back Kotter.” Ma$e and Diddy also sampled Latin music culture with “Feel So Good” which used the chorus from Miami Sound Machine’s “Bad Boy.” The song also brags of taking “hits from the 80s.” I think the 80s should sue.

This rabbit hole has no bottom. Where does the line get drawn? Is Eminem a cultural criminal for his plan – in his own words – “To do black music so selfishly / And use it to get myself wealthy”? Dr. Dre didn’t seem to mind too much. What about black rappers who sampled white music? Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq sampled the white boys of Steely Dan (badly) for their song “Déjà Vu (Uptown Baby).” But Steely Dan was influenced by black jazz musicians. Are the black session players who tour with The Dan race traitors? Tariq and Gunz crossed the Latin border when they sampled, in the same song listed above, Latin performer Jerry Rivera’s song “Amores Como El Nuestro” And isn’t “Peter Gunz” a riff on the old TV show with a legendary theme written by a white dude?

I told my wife about the dustup that led off this post. Her response was “Oh, minority victim war.” There are far worse problems facing the black female community than whether Miley Cyrus or gay males are twerking. But that doesn’t get you on CNN.

H/T to Andrew Klavan