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In The Village

Number Six: Has it ever occurred to you that you are just as much a prisoner as I am?
Number Two: …It doesn’t matter which “side” runs the Village….
Number Six: The whole Earth as the Village?
Number Two: That is my hope. What’s yours?
Number Six: I’d like to be the first man on the moon.

It must be “Politics & Superheroes” Week on the internet or something…


Edison vs the Village

“The Village is mediocrity. The Village is failure.”



She’s Been Living In Her BitCoin World

Like her transactions, I’m anonymous.
Look at her reading the Economist’s

H/T Cafe Hayek, who gets all the cool digital-currency music videos.

Der Kommissar’s Online

Zwei drei vier, it’s easy to see
But it’s not that I don’t care so
‘Cause I hear it all the time
But they never let you know
On the T.V. and the radio

– Falco, “Der Kommissar

A couple of Thought Police wannabes want to silence Dalrock – Atheist Adam Lee’s smear campaign to silence my discussion of Christian sexual morality.

Adam Lee AKA the Daylight Atheist has asked his twitter followers to falsely report my blog to wordpress for abuse.  I’m writing this post to help anyone from wordpress understand the nature of the smear campaign against me, and to also ensure that I have the opportunity to defend myself against this smear campaign while I still have a platform to do so.

Adam Lee is a blogger on Patheos who focuses on attacking Christians whom he accuses of being liars.  However, Lee isn’t above lying himself when he gets the opportunity to silence a blogger like myself who dares to write about Christian sexual morality:


First, this isn’t an MRA blog.  I am not an MRA, I am a Christian and I write almost exclusively about a topic I have great passion for;  marriage.  However, MRAs do read my blog and are part of the conversation.

More importantly, the blog post which caused Adam Lee to organize a campaign to have me silenced wasn’t abuse, it was a discussion of sexual morality.  In my post One at a time, please I pointed out that since we have abandoned biblical sexual morality we have ended up with the incredibly low standard of serial monogamy, which when you boil it down simply means “one at a time”.  In that post I pointed to a columnist on the gossip site The Frisky who wrote about having sex with multiple men after telling her husband she wanted a divorce but before the divorce was official.  To be clear, this is a woman gossiping about her sex life on a gossip site she writes for.  This wasn’t me exposing anything in her personal life that she hadn’t decided to share with everyone who will listen.  In the same post, I linked to the woman’s personal blog where she has a dedicated section of self portraits, as well as to her public Flickr page.  These links were in context with the point of my post which was that even a free spirit like the woman at the Frisky felt compelled to demonstrate that she was complying with our new (but meaningless) definition of sexual morality.

The gossip columnist was incensed, and reached out over Twitter to fellow atheist Adam Lee asking him to organize a campaign of atheists to (falsely) report this blog to wordpress for abuse…

Read the rest here.

Lee claims to be a libertarian, but apparently doesn’t understand the libertarian concept of free speech, including speech that one finds offensive. But then, Lee is also unclear on the Hobby Lobby case, not understanding that the decision was an affirmation of individual rights, e.g. “you can’t be forced to spend your money on other people.” Hardcore free-market libertarian and atheist Don Boudreaux grokked it just fine here, so I’m not sure what part of it Lee has trouble with. But given Lee’s reasoning on the HL case, one can see how he doesn’t really get free speech either.

Lee’s censorious – and anti-libertarian – nature is exemplified by this tweet –

Social Sanction

Gotta shut them h8ful Xians up.

Social sanction. Hah! I’m highly amused by this. Having spent most of my life on the outside, socially speaking, I don’t see what’s so horrible about buzzword-spewing HerdThinkers not wanting to talk to me. I kinda prefer it.

Lee’s “About” page states “Daylight Atheism was created to push back against undeserved privileging of religion and to encourage atheists to step out of their closets, into the daylight, and take our rightful place at the table of society’s discourse.” Fair enough. But keeping true to left-“libertarian”ism’s zero-sum mentality, this place at the table can only come at the expense of shoving other people away.

So Thor She Can Hardly Pith

…that’s what happens when you lose Little Mjolnir.


Mighty Mjolnir, the phallic sym… er, hammer of Thor


Marvel Comics is turning Thor into a woman. As writer Jason Aaron explains –

This is not the Thor we knew transformed into a woman. This is a new character; someone else picking up the hammer… we’ve never seen a big story about a woman picking up the hammer and if you look at the inscription on the hammer it even says, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” I’m going to flip that on its ear and for the first time see what it’s like to have a brand new version of Thor who is female; the Goddess of Thunder… You pick up this book and it just says “Thor” on the cover, which features a new female version of Thor. It’s pretty much telling you she’s not She-Thor or Lady Thor. She’s not Thorika. She is Thor. This is the new Thor.

New Thor. New Coke.  It’ll last a while then it will be back to the status quo after the PR buzz wears off.

I’m minimally familiar with Aaron’s work, but I suspect perhaps he feels more comfortable writing female characters. I base this on the one piece of Aaron’s writing that I’ve read, a screed against big-time writer Alan Moore, most famous for the comic series Watchmen in the mid-80s.

When Moore blasted DC Comics for their “Before Watchmen” comics, he stated “When Dave Gibbons phoned me up, he assured me that these prequels and sequels would be handled by ‘the industry’s top-flight talents’.  Now, I don’t think that the contemporary industry actually has a ‘top-flight’ of talent.  I don’t think it’s even got a middle-flight or a bottom-flight of talent.” Moore was criticizing the endless rehashing of old material into “new” derivative work that didn’t actually bring much of anything new to the table.

Aaron, who had bought everything Alan Moore wrote, as well as “read his novel and listened to his weird CDs” and “envied his beard,” took it quite personally, saying he must have “let the old man down”and that Moore thanked Aaron’s devotion by ” throwing me under the bus,” sounding like a jilted crush even though Moore never mentioned Aaron by name and likely had never heard of him.

Aaron concludes by calling Moore a bitter old man – despite how amazing his beard is – and lobs a final parting shot.

So goodnight Alan Moore, wherever you are. I’d wish you happiness in the New Year, but you probably wouldn’t know what to do with it, would you? Just stay bitter. And those of us in today’s comic industry will stay shitty. And hopefully the two of us will never meet again.

If Aaron hadn’t signed the piece (and ended the closing mini-bio with “His beard is bigger than yours”), this could totally pass for some fangirl blog.

So I can totally understand how Aaron would feel more at home writing “strong, empowered” female characters. I guess it’s supposed to be a step forward for Gender Identity or something by rehashing stories about a male character onto a derivative female one that doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. It reminds me of how the Rick James song “Superfreak” was sampled and looped, the new “song” containing some mediocre lyrics pasted over a repetitive snippet of the original. Hammer Time, indeed.

Somewhat amusing is the concept that Thor’s power resides in his hammer. A woman having to hold her big strong hammer and channeling the power in it strikes me as not quite breaking down those gender barriers. Or maybe it is, in an androgynous sort of way.

I’m not sure what gender warriors will make of the fact that the new female Thor is still dependent on Sugar Daddy Odin the All-Father for her power. Serve that Patriarchy.

Now, I will say that this could be a good storyline. The concept of another person picking up Thor’s hammer isn’t new, and has potential… how would a newcomer deal with the highs and lows of more-or-less being transformed into a god, at least part-time? This kind of idea has been used to good effect in Green Lantern – he’s a member of an intergalactic police force, and got his name and service weapon when the previous officer of that region passed it on right before dying, and later passed it on to someone else in turn. But the entire idea behind the Thor revamp strikes me as a mix of political correctness and cheap shockstunting.

I do agree with John C. Wright that Marvel should at least give this new female Thor a skintight catsuit or chainmail bathing suit.

Questions With No Answers

Some stuff I’ve been pondering….

Can someone point me to an explanation of Neoreaction? One that is geared toward the layman and not 30 pages long? I’m not very inclined to buy into it, but I would at least like to know what it is I’m not buying into so I can explain why I’m not buying into it.


I recently asked two questions regarding the Hobby Lobby case. Since no one answered, I’m asking again. First, how much does birth control cost out-of-pocket? Is it really that expensive? It would seem to be rather affordable given how many women use it, and that mass production lowers costs. But I’ve never bought it, so I can’t say for sure. Second, I’ve seen comments claiming women often need birth control for medical reasons other than actual contraception. Do abortifacients provide any kind of medical benefit the way, say, birth control pills do?


Proponents of population control are saying most people are nothing more than consumers, and will deplete the world’s resources. So why do they push for a welfare state, which is primarily a population of consumers who don’t produce?


Have any of the very rich politicians or entertainers who complain loudly about income inequality ever just issued some poorer people a check?


Will the Falco Tribute Band destroy civilization… or save it?


Title is from here. Mickey explains it’s historical significance. Although you should watch the original first or this one won’t make much sense to you.

Leftist Turn At Albuquerque

It started with this post, and led to an argument on CNN about white gay males stealing the culture of black women.

It’s amusing to me how gender is a social construct, and can be changed and transformed at will from one to another (or to made-up ones) but culture and political orientation are hardwired by biology. This neatly sidesteps the issue of whether cultural behaviors can have bad effects, since one can only act according to the culture defined by their color. Anyone imitating a culture outside their race is inauthentic at best and mocking at worst.

I don’t seem to remember Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, or Gloria Gaynor(!) being too upset about gay males buying their albums. Diana Ross even did a song, “I’m Coming Out,” written for her gay fanbase.

Makes ya wonder if Notorious B.I.G.,  P. Diddy, and Ma$e knew they were sampling a “gay song” when they released “”Mo Money Mo Problems,” or just wanted a catchy beat. Speaking of which, Diddy and Ma$e sure looked like they were borrowing from white culture in the opening of that song’s video. Were they mocking white culture? Or does Diddy just like playing golf?

Ma$e appropriated white culture in his video for “Welcome Back,” borrowing from “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” and using a sample of the theme song from “Welcome Back Kotter.” Ma$e and Diddy also sampled Latin music culture with “Feel So Good” which used the chorus from Miami Sound Machine’s “Bad Boy.” The song also brags of taking “hits from the 80s.” I think the 80s should sue.

This rabbit hole has no bottom. Where does the line get drawn? Is Eminem a cultural criminal for his plan – in his own words – “To do black music so selfishly / And use it to get myself wealthy”? Dr. Dre didn’t seem to mind too much. What about black rappers who sampled white music? Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq sampled the white boys of Steely Dan (badly) for their song “Déjà Vu (Uptown Baby).” But Steely Dan was influenced by black jazz musicians. Are the black session players who tour with The Dan race traitors? Tariq and Gunz crossed the Latin border when they sampled, in the same song listed above, Latin performer Jerry Rivera’s song “Amores Como El Nuestro” And isn’t “Peter Gunz” a riff on the old TV show with a legendary theme written by a white dude?

I told my wife about the dustup that led off this post. Her response was “Oh, minority victim war.” There are far worse problems facing the black female community than whether Miley Cyrus or gay males are twerking. But that doesn’t get you on CNN.

H/T to Andrew Klavan

Weapon Of Choice

Allamagoosa tweeted this…

Weapon of Choice

To my left is my computer. An indispensable tool and weapon in any apocalypse. And it’s where Christopher Walken lives.

If anything can distract zombies long enough to destroy them (or at least make an escape), it’s dancing Christopher Walken.

Two-Edged Sword

Via Ed Driscoll – E.J. Dionne says it’s time for Progressives to reclaim the Constitution

It’s odd to see Dionne calling for this, since self-styled “Progressives” have been the ones railing against the Constitution for decades, pushing for a “Living Constitution” that can be molded like Jello into whatever shape they want, or for ignoring it completely. Even his plea for “reclamation” comes across more like stuffing it in a vault so no one can see it and challenge whatever they say it means this week. The entire article sounds like a feint to continue doing what they’ve been doing – whatever they want, Constitutional or not.

Regarding such… Driscoll also quotes my close personal friend and breakfast lifestyle director Thomas Friedman, who infamously wrote –

One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages. That one party can just impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward in the 21st century.

Let’s take Friedman’s assertion at face value, and assume China’s leaders are all Pretty Nice Guys, which for all I know, they very well might well be. But what happens when these people are inevitably – if for no other reason that aging – gone? Will the next group of leaders be so charitable? What the tinplate El Jefe groupies like Friedman don’t seem to grasp is that the Constitution wasn’t written for reasonably enlightened leaders. It was written for the lowest common denominator, designed to function even when the worst people are in charge. Warren Meyer explained it over at Coyote Blog –

Over the past fifty years, a powerful driving force for statism in this country has come from technocrats, mainly on the left, who felt that the country would be better off if a few smart people (ie them) made the important decisions and imposed them on the public at large, who were too dumb to make quality decision for themselves.  People aren’t smart enough,they felt, to make medication risk trade-off decision for themselves, so the FDA was created to tell them what procedures and compounds they could and could not have access to.  People couldn’t be trusted to teach their kids the right things, so technocrats in the left defended government-run schools and fought school choice at every juncture…I am reminded of all this because the technocrats that built our regulatory state are starting to see the danger of what they created.  A public school system was great as long as it was teaching the right things and its indoctrinational excesses were in a leftish direction.  Now, however, we can see the panic.  The left is freaked that some red state school districts may start teaching creationism or intelligent design.  And you can hear the lament – how did we let Bush and these conservative idiots take control of the beautiful machine we built?  My answer is that you shouldn’t have built the machine in the first place – it always falls into the wrong hands.

Read the rest here.

Rock’s Rules For The Road

You must be licensed before performing trumpet solos while driving.

Also, children should not play backseat drums without a seat belt.

Loop Factor Nine

[Or: “Captain Jean-Loop Picard”]

Someone edited a loop of the ambient background sound of the Enterprise-D engines idling. A 24-hour long loop.

Might be good white noise for sleeping.