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4 years since I started this thing in 2012. It’s changed a lot since then, and so have I. Not sure where to go from here – writing about leftism is kind of pointless now since it’s almost all beyond parody. Same with politics. Guess it’s mostly down to music and comics and such, with a few insights about life thrown in here and there.

And, of course, posts about strange future-tech stuff.

Because I always like to end on a classy note.

Day Of The Waffle

August 24 started out as nothing…. literally

Waffle Day

No, really.

Waffles are the highest form of breakfast food. One can deduce the greatness of waffles through the scientifically-proven “New York Times Test” – if the New York Times says something, there’s a 95% chance that the exact opposite is true. NYT columnist Tom Friedman is a hardcore supporter of pancakes. Therefore, while pancakes are indeed great, waffles are betterer. Indeed, pancakes are fabled in story and song for not living up to their golden-brown promise –

Pancakes may be more versatile, but waffles reign supreme as the breakfast choice. It’s mathematically proven. [Click to embiggen]

Geometric Breakfast Grid

Thanks to my wife for providing the mathematical research.

Saturday Night Studio – 1 Year & Monkeeing Around

This week is one year since I started Saturday Night Studio, which now has it’s own page. Every studio is listed there with a brief description and a link to the post.

Speaking of firsts and anniversaries, this year is the 50th anniversary of the first band I ever liked – the Monkees. Here’s the very first episode from September 1966 –

The first concert I ever saw was in 1986, and it was, of course, the Monkees on their reunion tour. I later picked up a tape (remember those?) of the tour,-

Apparently their influence reached to areas where one would not expect, judging from the story Davy tells at the start of this video…

“We touched a lot of musicians, you know. I can’t tell you the amount of people that have come up and said, ‘I wouldn’t have been a musician if it hadn’t been for the Monkees.’ It baffles me even now,” Jones says. “I met a guy from Guns N’ Roses, and he was overwhelmed by the meeting, and was just so complimentary.” – Chicago Tribune

So the 80s would have been quite different if not for the Monkees.

Other than influencing metal bands, the 80s also saw the debut of The New Monkees, which I’m sure you all remember fondly. I tried to watch an episode once back around 1988, and didn’t get very far.

I recently discovered that the Monkees released their newest album in 2016. They collaborated with several other songwriters and musicians. I found it on youtube, but sadly I can’t say I was all that impressed with most of it (although “Birth Of An Accidental Hipster” did amuse me a bit). However, one song did stand out, the second version of “Me & Magdalena” –

Really digging that tune.

As a kid, I never, ever, ever expected to be hearing new Monkees music in 20-bloody-16!