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Clowning Around With The Who, Johnny Cash, And Elton John

Just listen –

That’z some talented clowns.

And You Thought Your Kids Were Bad

So did your house look like this today?

Merry Christmas!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Christmastime with family and friends.

The Last Christmas

I just read over at Vox Popoli that George Michael of Wham! died today, Christmas Day.

I liked some of their music back in the 80s, and this has been a perennial radio staple this time of year ever since it was released –

Today’s Annual Xtortion And Other Thefts

So I was looking for some good tax-related songs that weren’t “Taxman” or the other obvious choices for today’s happy funtime payments. There are some songs that reference taxes, but not too many that are flat out about taxes, per se. So we will do as Daddy G does and profit off of someone else by skimming off their efforts…

…much like that song did. Wonder if they paid Pharrell any royalties?

Yeah, I used that one before. What of it?

I did find an L7 song that disses the taxman, but it’s just the first in a list of grievances about life in general when you’re an 80-90s Riot Grrrl.

Sounds a little like this song by Screaming Trees which came out a few years later, doesn’t it?

Finding that L7 song reminded me of another tune of theirs, “Pretend We’re Dead” (which I suppose is a way to avoid paying taxes)…

I always thought the song “She Hates Me” by Puddle Of Mudd sounded familiar, but I never could quite nail down why (uncensored version ahead) –

I wonder what other bands have been, uh, inspired by L7? And, given how often musicians borrow government-style from each other, one also has to wonder who was L7 ripping off?

Happy New Year!

They say nothing changes on New Year’s Day. But this past year has me reeling. Remember when Bill Cosby was the family man and America’s Dad, and Steely Dan were the shady freaks singing about Bad Things instead of grocery store Muzak?

Night Sky Radio 20th Anniversary

Night Sky Radio first began broadcasting on this date* in 1995, as one of the first internet-only radio stations. Streaming began with some of the best then-current songs and then broadened into wider genres and even discussion formats. With a stunning grand total of 4 listeners. But onward the station pressed, much like the PLAY button in the booth.

There were interruptions in service and periods of dormancy… in fact, Night Sky Radio has been off the air more than on. But since 2012, the station has been streaming continuously. And since then our average listener count has broken two digits.

Here’s a look back at the first four songs ever broadcast on Night Sky Radio…

POE: “Hello” – a fitting introductory song, and it’s about computer hacking. How appropriate for an internet station –

ALICE IN CHAINS: “Heaven Beside You”– AIC has always been a favorite band around the station, who had just released their new (and final featuring Layne Staley) album at the time, this wintery song was soon released as a single but was already being played on radio stations –

THE BEATLES: “Christmas Time Is Here Again” – The Beatles Anthology had just come out and this song from 1967 was on the B-Side of the just-released “Free As A Bird” single. Also, it was only days before Christmas, so it had to be on the list –

COLLECTIVE SOUL: “December” – Take a guess.

Thanks for listening all these years, and looking forward to many more.

Just for fun, take a look at how Night Sky Radio appeared in 1995.

* Which later became significant for other reasons as well. Naturally, we celebrated at the station.

4/1/15: Eleven Of The Best Ever

4 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 11

For your listening pleasure, Night Sky Radio brings you 11 of the awesomest songs ever performed. Not recommended for the weak or fans of Lite Rock. Click here or on the Toob below to begin the playlist!

And please take a minute to visit our sponsors. If you are strong.

Deck The Halls

The ever-tireless Wdydfae has assembled quite the list of Christmas music over at his place.

Still, I really should post something here, and since there was one song I didn’t see over there… have some Pomplamoose.

P.S. Forgot to add that Wdydfae has posted irrefutable proof that Santa Claus is Odin.