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Black Friday Radio

Collecting everything I’m owed
And before my friends find out
I’ll be on the road

Happy Thanksgiving From The Pinedale Shopping Mall

Night Sky Radio on the air in Cincinnati, broadcasting the greatest Thanksgiving event in history.

I, Smartphone

Via Russ Roberts at Cafe Hayek – An update to Leonard Read’s legendary 1958 essay I, Pencil –

I wish more people understood the marvel of emergent order that makes the world around us not just orderly, but when the feedback loops are healthy ones, a source of delight and comfort. This video (HT: Caleb Cangelosi) says it very well. Much of what makes life pleasant is undesigned. This does not mean that all undesigned phenomena are good. It does not mean that the islands of design within the undesigned sea are unimportant; they are very important. But appreciate how we human beings are able to cooperate without explicit top-down coordination. – Russ Roberts

Dogged By Scandal

From here – How To Tell If your Dog Has Been Involved In A Sex Scandal.

You were maybe expecting a "doggy style" joke here?

Just another poon hound

G. Gordon Doggy indicted on charges of selling his vote in exchange for “Scooby Snacks”  (har har) and chasing frisbees in the park.

3D 9mm

First working 3D printed metal handgun made by Solid Concepts. Huffington Post says we’re doomed.

I want this.