2021 Looks To Be Even More Cyberpunk


Sam Summers was sitting at home with his penis wrapped in an internet-connected chastity cage when he got a weird message on the app that connects to the device. Someone told him they had taken control and they wanted around $1,000 in Bitcoin to give control back to Summers.

Quoth the victim, “There’s no manual override at all. It’s a chastity belt, I guess it kind of shouldn’t [have an override.] But when it’s a digital thing like that, it should have a key or something. But it obviously didn’t.

He paid up, but they still didn’t let him loose.

Afterward, he escaped the hackers by, well, hacking his way out of the situation. With bolt cutters. Right next to his junk. And not without some consequence. “I don’t have a scar or anything but I was bleeding and it fucking hurt.”

Who knows if this story is real, but in this day and age I wouldn’t doubt it.

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  1. The internet of thing.

    • HAH! Brilliant.

      What did you think of the salarywave post? Seems like it would be up your alley

      • It was! I was entranced by Salarywave (great tag!) and mystified by the group. I looked them up right after I saw that. That song is like 2018, but the sound is like 80s or 90s. They’ve been going since the 90s and have been really prolific, but I never heard them before.

        • It’s a great video for a great song.

          There were some comments on the video talking about a salaryman going out after wok to relax, and someone posted S A L A R Y W A V E which was just perfect. I think that was the first time I heard of them too (hard to say in the era of random youtube-ness), but I’ve heard a couple other songs of theirs and I’m liking them.

          Like this one.

      • To me these gentlemen are giving off a Tatsuro Yamashita vibe:

        Or like an Anzen Chitai vibe:

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