Rocktober Request Line

I’m the DJ, Nightsky
Hello Baton Rouge
Won’t you turn your radio down
Respect the seven second delay we use

Internet station NSR with jazz and conversation, here til the sun comes through the skylight. Call in with Rocktober song requests or to discuss why you’re for tougher legislation.

While we wait for your calls to come in, here’s a classic uplifting song about the Disc Jockey profession –

…. it seems someone let the manager into the DJ booth again. Let’s try that again….

About nightskyradio

Random signals from nowhere in particular.

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  1. Wish I knew enough about music to make some decent requests.

  2. Ah, still owe you for reacquainting me with the Dan. Deacon Blues has arguably become my favorite song with actual words.

    It’s always a tough call which is my favorite instrumental, but Chick Corea does a great Great Pumpkin Waltz:

  3. Hey, NSR could I get your musical judgment on this one? By the legendary Hide (hee-day), with a post-mortem cult following somewhere up there in equivalence with Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Buddy Holly. This is solo work with [NSFW band name] before his untimely demise: “Pink Spider”:

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