All my life I’ve been hearing about “soulmates.” Everyone wants to find theirs. Sonnets have been composed, songs performed, how-to books written.

The problem is that most people are searching for their Sole Mate, the one single person somehow magically made and placed on Earth just to meet, fall in love, and marry, who will make life complete. Prefabricated, ready-made and just waiting to be found. They don’t exist.

Soulmates aren’t born. They’re made.

Two people meet, get to know each other, marry. They live life together, tried and tested, becoming closer until they’re practically one person. It happens over time. Some people will get there faster than others – sometimes two people are just more predisposed to get along extremely well. That doesn’t mean this is the One And Only such person like that in the world, or that if it doesn’t happen after a set amount of time it never will. If two people commit to making it happen, it will.

The bad news is if soulmates can be made, they can be broken. The bond must be maintained vigilantly. Complacence, neglect, or a hundred other things can stress or even sever it.

The good news is that more often than not, broken things can be fixed.

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  1. Yeah, you’re talking good sense as far as I can see. Here and there you can see (very rarely) couples that could qualify as time tested “soul mates,” like maybe Zappa and his wife Gail who fell in love immediately and over time became the solid long term unit one would want to emulate, but probably “time tested” is the operative term and that just ends up supporting your point. Oddly, Robert Crumb and his wife Aline could be another instance, depending on how one measures success–they are both totally bizarre, oddball characters.

    • Calling the Crumbs “oddball” is like saying Kyary videos are a little unusual.

      probably “time tested” is the operative term

      Yeah, not too many people stick it out nowadays.

      Another view on the subject, and very NSFW…

      • Lol. Chris Rock pretty much nailed it.

        Samuel Johnson had some words on the subject of the elusive soulmate:

        Boswell: “Pray, Sir, do you not suppose that there are fifty women in the world, with any one of whom a man may be as happy, as with any one woman in particular?” Johnson: “Ay, Sir, fifty thousand.”

      • OT, I have to thank you for re-introducing me to Steely Dan, and more recently turning me on to Big Bang Theory. About BBT, so far I only saw one full episode, while on vacation, and then numerous clips on the Toob, but I’m already a big fan. Sheldon forever! As for the Dan I finally realized I’ve got to get that Aja album. It’s no good sampling it anymore.

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