Saturday Night Studio

A listing of every Saturday Night Studio to date, with the most recent at the top.

Want to know more about a musician or band? Leave a comment and request a Studio about them!

Saturday Night Studio Bonus – City Pop Summer Edition

80s City Pop for summer nights….

Saturday Night Studio – Joe Jackson

Steppin’ out with a master

Caturday Night Studio


Saturday Night Studio – Four Winds

Various interpretations (some rather unexpected) of Pharrell and Daft Punk

Saturday Night Studio – New Year’s Eve

Seeing out 2016!

Saturday Night Studio – Saturday Night Stolen

Musicians stealing from each other, with Michael McDonald and his clone at the center of it. Plus, Donald Fagen raps!

Rocktober Saturday Night StudioDOLBY!

SCIENCE!  The golden age of wireless and more with Thomas Dolby!

Rocktober Saturday Night Studio10th Floor Cibo Matto

There are still many! people who do not! know their chicken! Beat it up! with Cibo Matto!

Rocktober Saturday Night Studio – Liphlich Great Nonsense Skam

A request from Wdydfae brings us something that I have no idea what it is, but “Skam Life” is one of the greatest song titles I have ever heard

Rocktober Saturday Night StudioSaturday Night Shirley

Shirley Manson and Garbage kick it, plus a full concert from 20 years ago when they were just starting out

Saturday Night Studio – 1 Year & Monkeeing Around

First anniversary of the Studio, and 50 years of the first band I ever liked, the Monkees

Saturday Night Studio – Getting Ahead With Lionel

A retrospective of Lionel Richie’s catchiest numbers and his growing success in the 80s for the sole purpose of posting the punchline video at the end

Saturday Night Stereolab – A Spectacle That Rhymes

An episode about a groop that plays space age bachelor pad music

Saturday Night Studio – Tik Spok

A funny take on Star Trek  I threw together quick because real life was keeping me too busy to do a proper one. Also lots of Federation officers drinking heavily

Saturday Night Studio – Winter Sleighing

Just because…

Saturday Night Studio – Out On The Streets

Musical stuff found on the teeming streets of YouTube, including Tanya & Dorise from New Orleans

Saturday Night Studio – Nicki Bluhm And The Gamblers (And The Van)

Nicki Bluhm rides around in a van and sings various songs while the band plays in the back. Really

Saturday Night Studio – Halloween

Blowing out Rocktober 2015 with a bang with an epic Night Sky Radio youtube playlist to frighten the trick-or-treaters with, with a trick or two in the mix

Saturday Night Studio – PostModern Jukebox

So where do you go to find pop hits from the last several decades covered in the style of swing and jazz standards from a bygone era? Plus the only good Nickelback cover ever

Double Bonus Sakamoto Night Studio – Akiko Yano

J-Pop night’s unexpected (even by me) surprise encore does science! and research in the third Studio of the night.

Wdydfae of What Do You Do For An Encore provides some research, and we learn how Thomas Dolby figures into all this

Studio Bonus – Saturday Night Shodan

Following the Vanilla Mood Studio with a Bonus Studio on what seems to be turning into J-Pop night. Sort of.

Answering the eternal question of what a Japanese Steely Dan tribute band would sound like, with keytar and an epic version of “Green Earrings.” Plus Donald Fagen’s reaction.

Saturday Night Studio – Vanilla Mood

A female band from Japan that does fun cover songs and also some catchy originals

Saturday Night Studio – Battle Of The Happy Cheery Theme Songs

I asked my wife for an idea for a Studio, and she replied “How about some relentlessly cheerful anime openings?” Why not?

Saturday Night Studio – Xylophoning It In

….because when one thinks of rock music, one immediately thinks of \m/ xylophone \m/ ! Some appreciation for the most underrated instrument in rock

Saturday Night Studio – While My [Insert Instrument Here] Gently Weeps

Does the famous Beatles song really have to be about a guitar?

Saturday Night Studio – Walk On By

Arguably one of the most covered songs in history

Saturday Night Studio – Peter Gunns

Henry Mancini and the Peter Gunn theme. A few other groups took a shot at it, with varying degrees of success

Saturday Night Studio – Saint Etienne

The song features one singer but the video shows another. Why? And how does one turn a mellow Neil Young song into house music?

Saturday Night Studio – Delavega

The first Studio ever, with a band you probably never heard on the radio

Where’s That Song?

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