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The Swiss Black Market Has Nothing On Wisconsin

[Or: “Hot Cheese”]

Did April Fool’s show up a few days early this year…?

Man found with $200K in stolen cheese, police say

One man is facing criminal charges in New Jersey after detectives found a truck he was driving with roughly $200,000 worth of stolen Muenster cheese from Wisconsin.

Veniamin Konstantinovich Balika, 34, of Plainfield, Ill., was arrested at the Vince Lombardi Service Area off the New Jersey Turnpike. New Jersey State Police Detective 1 Oliver Sissman said he allegedly provided false paperwork to the distributor of K&K Cheese in Cashton last week to get the 42,000 pounds of cheese loaded onto his 18-wheel truck.

No spur-of-the-moment cheese theft is this. The guy did some work to prepare for his escapade. He was planning to sell it under market value to some East Coast retailers. Cheese for cheese, I suppose.

The Greatest Story Never Sold

… which is a shame, because I would totally buy it.

You know youwould buy this

You know you want to read this


So I’m sick as a dog but can’t sleep, so I’m watching old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s just high-end enough to keep me interested, but comfortable and familiar enough not to overexert my fuzzed-out brain.

I was watching the episode where the Enterprise gets caught in a time loop and at the end they encounter a starship named the Bozeman, captained by Kelsey Grammer. It suddenly hit me that on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon decided to move to Bozeman Minnesota after his apartment was robbed. Sure enough, it was done as a quiet shout-out to Star Trek. Bozeman was also the place where humans first met Vulcans, so naturally Sheldon would go there.

Funny what you think of when your head is swimming in circles.

Blue Gives Way To Black

Just for the hell of it, a drawing of Kimbra –

Cheer up, you'r not drawn that bad

Cheer up, you’r not drawn that bad (but your hat could be drawn better)


This is the preliminary sketch – maybe I should stick to pencil.

Blue singer

Blue singer

The Keynes To A Broken Lock

From here

Applying the multiplier effect to the aggregate demand for  broken glass sweep-ups. Because people can never get enough of those

Applying the multiplier effect to the aggregate demand for broken glass sweep-ups. Because people can never get enough of that

I have to agree with Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek that this cartoon is not even a little bit unfair.

Fitting that this is Post #69, since Keynesian economists don’t actually produce anything, but just sit around clumsily making each other feel good.

What’s The Use?

Chateau Heartiste has another “Beta Of The Month” going, with  three candidates in the running. Contestant #3, knowing his wife was about to cheat or had already done so, posted –

People are to be LOVED. Things are to be USED. The reason why the world is in chaos is because THINGS are being LOVED and PEOPLE are being used,” the message declares.

Love and use are not mutually exclusive. Years ago, Walter E. Williams wrote

I’m reminded of charges of exploitation Mrs. Williams used to make early on in our 44-year marriage. She’d charge, “Walter, you’re using me!” I’d respond by saying, “Honey, sure, I’m using you. If I had no use for you, I wouldn’t have married you in the first place.” How many of us would marry a person for whom we had no use? As a matter of fact, the problem of the lonely hearts among us is that they can’t find someone to use them.

So, who’s using you?

Zero Sum

So a woman was telling a couple of us about someone she knows who is pregnant, and the baby has something that would qualify it as “special needs” once born…

Her: She already has a couple special needs kids, she doesn’t think she can handle another one.

Me: Can’t she have the baby and give it up for adoption? There are couples who will take special needs children.

Her: She doesn’t think she can have the baby and then give it up to someone else.

Me: So she’d rather give it up to nobody?

That was pretty much the end of the conversation.

Rain Of Temptation

I went to the pizza place and ordered extra cheese w/ green pepper. As I was carrying the box back to my car, I suddenly decided to check inside the box. Pepperoni.

I dropped to my knees on the cement sidewalk as the light rainy drizzle fell. Why, I shouted to the Heavens while shaking my fists in empty rage against my fate, couldn’t I have waited until I got home and it would have been too much effort to drive back and get it without pepperoni?

100 Encores

Blogger makes 100 posts, blames me

Now that I’ve shamelessly appropriated undue credit…

What Do You Do For An Encore? has reached 100 posts. Pretty quickly, too. His focus is primarily on music, ranging from funk to progressive to jazz to J-Pop and a couple things I don’t know what they are. I’ve discovered some great stuff there, such as Kimiko Kasai covering Herbie Hancock’s Butterfly (I had never heard either one, as far as I recall), the utter surreality of Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and something called alley shrines. And sometimes he just goes nuts. I suspect heavy drinking is involved, but he says no.

Go check it out and get some learnin’  about all kinds of music and maybe a little about Japanese culture, too.