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Where The Road Ends

This strip from the comic Out There cracked me up.

When It Started

A little over a month ago I discovered Chateau Heartiste through a link on a political site, of all places. Reading through it was like finding the thread that strings all the existing pieces together. I had all the elements, pretty much, but this put it all into the right context, the right frame, as it were.

Being the Nice Guy that I am, it wasn’t all pleasant to read about the pump-n-dump lifestyle being so gleefully bandied about, but this was Truth, which compelled me to keep reading. The more I read, the more I felt I could get back in the game, kick the “nice guy” habits and mentality that had been beaten into me all my life, and make my social life better.

This lasted about a week. I discovered more blogs, more sites about Game. I haven’t been that depressed in a long time. Again, I already knew most, but seeing it laid out in such stark – and honest – terms codified all the disparate pieces. What remaining illusions I had, few and fragile  though they were, evaporated.

At least Dalrock and Athol Kay, who I found soon after, bring a little light back into things.

I figure I might as well throw out my good and bad stories just for the pure hell of it. Might as well toss in some music snobbery in the process.

Why It’s Here

No real reason, actually, just a place for me to write about whatever random stuff that pops into my head, the occasional look back at stupid things from my life, and music. So I might as well kick off my new hangout hitting all three with a forward looking song from my past.

What It Is

A place where I crash ideas together and see what happens.