Monthly Archives: November 2012

Shooting The Moon

“In a secret project recently discovered, the United States planned to blow up the moon with a nuclear bomb in the 1950s as a display of the country’s strength during the Cold War space race.”

Carl Sagan was almost a moon nuker.

They never wanted to actually blow up the moon. The plan was to create a nuclear flash visible from Earth to scare the USSR. But I guess making it sound like moon rocks would be splashing into the ocean from an empty sky makes for better copy.

When Black Friday Comes…

I’ll rush right through the door

Running from aisle to aisle

Blue Light Special on the sales floor

They could rewrite the song from a stock market crash to sales-obsessed shoppers and not lose any of the cynicism.

Happy Thanksgiving

This is a special holiday for us here at Night Sky Radio, because Thanksgiving and radio have a long tradition together.

Jacked Up Game

This is Game.

Jack likes girl. Jack is a dork and gets shot down. He goes home and starts getting his shit together. He meets the girl again, hits her attraction triggers, and takes her on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Is he still a dork? Well… yeah. But now he’s a dork who’s comfortable in his own skin and moves with assured confidence in himself.

A lot of it is played for laughs, but the core concept is still true – he got Game. He never manipulated her, he proved himself to her.

The fact that he can play drums probably doesn’t hurt, either.

Walter Williams On The Morality Of Free Markets

Saw this at Cafe Hayek

It’s about 5 minutes long, and well worth watching.