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Reframing The Conversation

SCENE: NSR walks into the room just after Allamagoosa has just rolled out of bed, and has not had breakfast yet.

NSR: (walks up behind her to give her a hug) Love you.
Allie’s belly: *bloorrrp*
NSR: I’m gonna interpret that as I give you butterflies in your stomach.

Kings Ransom

This lightbulb was first sparked up by this guy called Wei Dai
This asymmetry in public key cryptography is why
We can hash out on our mining rigs in search of reward
& cos it’s P2P & free I micropay what I afford
– Jamie Shelly, “Bitcoin Song”

From ESPN – The Sacramento Kings announced Thursday that they will become the first professional sports franchise to accept Bitcoin virtual currency.

Team owner Vivek Ranadive said he became interested in digital money when “My kids would go to games and ask why we didn’t accept Bitcoin.”

The Wall Street Journal notes that Ranadive, who apparently has the coolest name among sports team owners, plans to have his coaches use Google Glass on the sidelines. WSJ also points out that “Sacramento, the 19th-largest market in the NBA, is better placed for this initiative than almost anywhere else. On the edges of Silicon Valley and boasting a steady influx of high-tech firms of its own, the city is plugged into a ‘tech mind-set’ to which bitcoin appeals, Mr. Ranadivé said.”

For a while now, I’ve been seeing a major paradigm shift on the not-so-distant horizon.  Whether it will happen fast or unfold slowly, I don’t know, but it’s coming. Digital and crytpocurrency is just part of it.

Quite a few people have been predicting an economic or even a total civilizational collapse. Another sizable part of the population seems to assume society will continue to progress unimpeded no matter what, driven by forces of history. I’m not sold on either view.  I can see more and more people working for themselves, selling their services to each other, largely via internet. A Korean artist designs a CD cover for an Australian guitarist and a drummer in Japan who started a band and ship their t-shirts to America through Amazon, all of them getting paid through Paypal or Litecoin. I don’t have a fully developed concept just yet, but I envision a large scale decentralization across the entire spectrum – economic, political, social, technical, and more.

Listen to the sound of money

Doesn’t that bass line sound a little like the opening riff to this song?


I woulda called it “Kings Hoard” but I didn’t want to disappoint all the Warcraft fans.

Wet Biscuit Blues

A legendary bluesman sings of his retirement. I have no words.

…and neither does he.

The Day After

All across America, people are just now waking up from their New Year’s Eve partying (which often continued well into New Year’s Day), and greeting each other.  (Not to be viewed by those with delicate constitutions)

Nothing Changes On New Year’s Day

…so you go back, Jack, and do it again