Blue Gives Way To Black

Just for the hell of it, a drawing of Kimbra –

Cheer up, you'r not drawn that bad

Cheer up, you’r not drawn that bad (but your hat could be drawn better)


This is the preliminary sketch – maybe I should stick to pencil.

Blue singer

Blue singer

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  1. Nice! Who’s Kindra? I’m not horrible at drawing, but I can’t draw a woman’s face well at all, unless it’s cartoonish. I could never do a picture like this.

  2. Sorry! My eyes are going and I get the b’s and d’s reversed.

    I like her! The slinky dark-haired ladies with long necks and large mouths totally get me.

    Get well soon!

  3. Thanks. I’m feeling better but can’t shake this cough.

    I kinda like tall, lanky girls. Dark hair is just a bonus.

    • Kimbra’s got a bit of the Amy Winehouse look, too. Amy Winehouse was a doll, but I can’t tell if it was in spite of or because of the self-destructive tendencies. The sultry earthy force-of-nature mommas are probably way more woman packed into a single human being than I could ever handle.

  4. All this time I didn’t realise that was a hat. I thought she just had some strange helmet hair!

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