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SJWs Always Lie

Last night I purchased Vox’s Day’s new book, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down The Thought Police. It’s only been out a few days but seems to be doing pretty well.

The book is well worth reading. I’ve seen examples of SJW attacks and tactics in my own life, and they happened pretty much in the manner Vox describes. He lays out strategies for anticipating and dealing with them. If they haven’t happened to you or someone you know, it’s just a matter of time.


Saturday Night Studio – Walk On By

The song “Walk On By” was released in 1964, sung by Dionne Warwick. It was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, both part of the famous Brill Building group.

Her voice from 1:40 to 1:53 is a thing of wonder.

It spawned a large, nay, ridiculous number of cover versions, ranging from a 12 minute odyssey by Isaac Hayes…

…then from funk to punk with the Stranglers…

… and a version by Richard X with vocals by Deborah Evans that sounds like it was recorded next to a beachside video arcade…

{yeah, I dig that one]

… and back to radio-friendly yet very cool format by Seal in 2005 –

A very long list of covers can be found here.


Asimov’s Night Job

Few know that Isaac Asimov had a second career, apparently traveling and giving nighttime lectures under an assumed name [click image to embiggen]…

Asimovs Night Job 1

A clever disguise, even better than Clark Kent’s.

Skipping ahead a bit…

Asimovs Night Job 2

Asimovs Night Job 3

So the lecture circuit is just a cover for his real career…. arch-supervillain! Jimmy of course finds a way to signal his pal Superman…

Asimovs Night Job 4

Asimovs Night Job 5

Asimovs Night Job 6

Turns out he wasn’t really dead (no one ever is in comics, including Superman himself, who was killed in 1992), instead giving up his career as a supervillain and returning to the life of a science and sci-fi writer.


If you’re wondering how the hell DC Comics could publish something like this without getting sued…. that’s a story for another post.




Prayer Request

Please keep my brother in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you.

Saturday Night Studio – Peter Gunns

Henry Mancini performs the legendary “Peter Gunn Theme” on the Steve Allen show circa 1983 or thereabouts, with friends Pete Candoli, Conte Candoli, Carl Fontana, Jerome Richardson, and Plas Johnson –

The iconic theme has inspired, been used, or been covered by… just about everybody, from The B-52s, to a Monty Python sketch, to a just-fooling-around Monkees version to a rather flat cover by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. I expect much hate mail from prog-rock fans, but it’s really not that great a cover. Deal with it.

There was also a beyond lame rap duo called Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz, who had one hit with the atrocious “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby).” The less said, the better, except to note that they broke up after releasing exactly one single from one album. Reportedly they  surrendered large amounts of money to Steely Dan for sampling their song “Black Cow” without permission. One wonders if the events are related.

Art Of Noise did their version of the song in their own very 80s performance-art style, complete with video –

I remember it being on the radio quite a lot back then, during the Golden Age of Popular Music.

Baconing The Question

Economics and bringing home the bacon.

So I’m reading this post by Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek and come across this bit –

Market prices are not arbitrary.  Prices are determined by the forces that economists comprehend with the theory of supply and demand.  An attempt by government to change a price or wage from what that price or wage would be without government price controls at best masks the true price or wage – in the way that dressing up a woman to look like a man at best changes the woman’s outward appearance without altering her chromosomes.  (Many proponents of minimum wages and other price controls – those proponents who deny that such price controls generate negative effects – are victims of the primitive superstition that the superficial appearance of something is the essence of that something.)

I walk over to my wife who is frying bacon and ask her, “Does this make people like Bruce Jenner a price control on the sexual/marriage marketplace?” A book in the 90s about dating and relationships called The Code¹ defined a false economy as “RuPaul.”

While thinking all this, my wife is lifting the first piece of bacon out of the skillet, and I ask her “Is it still hot?” She patiently points out that she’s taking it out of the skillet right now, so of course it’s hot. We both decided that I can’t process simple things while simultaneously pondering such things as economics.

Side note – Boudreaux often sings the praises of Deirdre McCloskey, but never references the fact that Deirdre was born Donald. I suppose it doesn’t matter when regularly talking about price ceilings, exports, or Keynes, but it’s kinda funny after his comment about dressing up.

Bonus round – A Hayek Outside The Cafe

Example of comments by Stage Three people.

¹ A parody of The Rules


Post Number 250 at Night Sky Radio. With this milestone accomplishment, let the celebration commence!



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*Staff lawyers state that promises without written contracts are not binding.

Saturday Night Studio – Saint Etienne

Back again with music you likely won’t hear on other radio stations…

In the early 90s, Saint Etienne released their debut album Foxbase Alpha, which featured a cover of a Neil Young song, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” Unlike the spare, acoustic original, they went with a house music style –

Sarah Cracknell sings in the video, but on the original track the vocals were by Moira Lambert, as Cracknell had not yet joined the band on a permanent basis. Sarah did appear in one of the two videos filmed for the song, miming the lyrics. A black and white video was also recorded, with “vocals” by Lucy Golden of the short-lived band Golden.

Version with Sarah

BW version with Lucy

That snippet you heard at the end of the concert vid is the next song in the set, “Method Of Modern Love.” No relation to the Hall & Oates hit from the 80s.

More songs from that show can be found on Youtube here. I rather like “Nothing Can Stop Us” –

Song – Only Love Can Break Your Heart on Amazon

Song – Nothing Can Stop Us on Amazon

Album – Foxbase Alpha on Amazon





Truth Is Simple

Bookworm writes – “I do not think it’s possible to create greater moral clarity than Ben Shapiro did in a single tweet” –


Saturday Night Studio – Delavega

Some music for a Saturday night, that you probably won’t hear on other radio stations…

Delavega performing “One Time” and “On My Mind” –

Studio version of “One Time” –

Album at Amazon