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2020 has almost literally been the Year of Cyberpunk.

I was kidding when I suggested something like that might happen last New Year’s Day. It didn’t take long for it to start becoming reality.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a cyborg Dick Clark rang in the New Year.

That would be kind of cool, though…

After this year, I don’t have the energy to write a thoughtful, profound post. And it’s not like I ever did that anyway. So here’s a random roundup on the surreality that was 2020.

Most notably, we got The CHAZ, an actual attempt at secession and the forming of an autonomous state separate from the USA, complete with its own warlord. And not just any warlord, but a Rap Warlord!

From the Babylon Bee. Reality has killed parody.

Really, 2020 could have just called it a year after that, because that itself is pretty impressive. But no, 2020 pressed on.

Some highlights of the year –

The big one is the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, with people wearing facemasks outside to avoid breathing the “bad air.” What makes is especially cyberpunk is how elites used a virus roughly as dangerous as a flu to impose near worldwide control over the populace.

Not to mention we now have a cyberpunk-style economy as a result.

And it has seriously damaged trust in doctors.

Speaking of medicine… Scientists restore cellular brain function in 32 dead pigs.

Elites live in secure communities surrounded by unprotected commoners.

Aided and abetted by cops who ignore violence in the streets. Very cyberpunk-esque selective enforcement.

Nearly the entire west coast was on fire. Some of it was set deliberately. The fires created so much smoke it blanketed the entire coast for weeks, and even spread across a good part of the country. Some reports said the smoke even made it to Europe.

Speaking of the west coast… Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is urging her state’s residents to call the police to report their neighbors for violating her strict coronavirus lockdown restrictions on Thanksgiving. – “Her order limiting business and personal activities was issued just weeks after Oregonians voted to decriminalize drugs such as heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and methamphetamine, according to CNN.”

Cyberpunk toilet can identify your “analprint” and detect disease. For the first time in history, a toilet is potentially hack-able and can be used against you.

Leftists Now Literally Eating Hearts In Bizarre Occult Street Rituals

Political dissent being placed on lists to identify and oppress anyone who doesn’t conform.

And if they still don’t conform, Michigan Democratic State Representative Cynthia Johnson urges people to “make them pay” –

And now some of the lighter side of 2020…

Just like cyberpunk, tech is super cheap now –

This is the distilled essence of the year 2020 –

And to cap it off 2020, In December…

After being announced back in 2012 – a year with a rather apocalyptic number itself – the updated awesome snazzy version of Cyberpunk 2020, the game Cyberpunk 2077 is finally released.

And it was almost immediately recalled. Cyberpunk got cyberpunked.

2020 summed up in a song –

Then again, we got through the year and collected some XP to help get through the next campaign. Keep faith in God and Happy New Year!