Black Friday Radio 2014

Today is a format change – Night Sky Radio changes over to Black Friday Radio! Click to listen.


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Random signals from nowhere in particular.

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  1. Changing the blog name to match the day.

    Groundbreaking. Innovative. Unprecedented.

    The kind of outside-the-box thinking we’ve come to expect from

    Nightsky Black Friday Radio.

  2. Because I’m



    No flies on me.

    Did ya listen to the link?

    • Well, I did, but I didn’t want to earn your disfavor with commentary on it; I can’t to watch/listen to music captured in concert via mobile phones. It offends some weird, deep-seated aesthetic DNA or something.

      But I liked listening to the clean studio version after that! Believe it or not, Black Friday is a new song for me. I think the whole Katy Lied album is unexplored territory. I’ll have to get on that! I was afraid to venture beyond Aja, thinking other albums cuts might be a let down after Aja, which is kind of like musical perfection.

      • Some concert vids do suck, in fact I’d say most of them do. I picked the ones that had good sound quality and didn’t jitter the image too much. But I made sure to include studio versions for haters like you. ;P

        Royal Scam has some excellent songs. It’s considered the Dan’s “guitar album.”

      • P.S. Sometimes the live videos are the only way you can get some versions. Changes in the song, etc, but also things like Bill Cosby introducing the band.

        Or Michael McDonald singing lead on stage.

    • Wait . . . I think I got it now . . . you got your own Youtube channel!

      Sheesh. Takes me a while sometimes.


      How long has that been going on?

      • I’ve had a youtube channel for…. at least a year, I don’t remember for sure. but I never did anything with it until yesterday’s Black Friday Extravaganza.

        I’m kinda kicking around assemlbing other playlists.

        • Cool. I’ve been noticing Youtube is in some cases becoming the preferred platform for ideological exposition relative to blogs. So, maybe you can work up some Nightsky Radio Rants.

          “Hey everyone. This is Nightsky Radio here. I just wanted to respond to a video Soul Survivor made in response to a video Fear Factor made about kittens and turntables. First off, I want to say I’m neutral about kittens and turntables. That may surprise a lot of you since my avatar has a kitten with a turntable, but honestly, I don’t give a s*** about whether people let kittens play with turntables, or not, or whatever, but Survivor said a few things that kind of struck a chord so I felt I needed to respond . . .”

          • I’ve kinda been considering going the real radio route (or the closest thing to it without my own broadcasting tower) and doing podcasts.

            • It seems like Youtube is the way to go with that kind of thing these days. You just get some image, or image series, up as background and start talking. It seems like you’d get more exposure that way. My $0.02.

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