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It’s Hard To Understand Him From The Language He Used

They Might Be Giants goes to the movies… [kinda NSFW, a little]

I’ve never actually seen the movie, outside of a short bit here or there. I’m thinking that needs correction.

October 21 2015 Day

Amazon Prime is promoting Back To The Future Day all over their site, with a huge banner video on top of the pages, and streaming all 3 movies for free. I decided to watch Back To The Future II, partly because I have only seen it a couple times (less than the third, and far less than the first), and because it’s the movie which centers around today’s date.

A few random thoughts…

Alternate 1985 Biff looks strikingly like Donald Trump.

I forgot how good some of the special effects were. Absolutely outstanding for the, uh, time.

Doc’s shades. Metal awesomeness.

I want to hang out at the 80s Cafe.

Saturday Night Studio – Peter Gunns

Henry Mancini performs the legendary “Peter Gunn Theme” on the Steve Allen show circa 1983 or thereabouts, with friends Pete Candoli, Conte Candoli, Carl Fontana, Jerome Richardson, and Plas Johnson –

The iconic theme has inspired, been used, or been covered by… just about everybody, from The B-52s, to a Monty Python sketch, to a just-fooling-around Monkees version to a rather flat cover by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. I expect much hate mail from prog-rock fans, but it’s really not that great a cover. Deal with it.

There was also a beyond lame rap duo called Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz, who had one hit with the atrocious “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby).” The less said, the better, except to note that they broke up after releasing exactly one single from one album. Reportedly they  surrendered large amounts of money to Steely Dan for sampling their song “Black Cow” without permission. One wonders if the events are related.

Art Of Noise did their version of the song in their own very 80s performance-art style, complete with video –

I remember it being on the radio quite a lot back then, during the Golden Age of Popular Music.


We saw the movie today. John C. Wright discusses it here, in depth and excellently, but DO NOT read it unless you have seen the movie. In Wright’s own words –

…And here I must draw a line and ask no one to step across it who has not seen the film. My main problem is that, for me, the movie worked on so many levels, as hard SF, as pure storytelling, as religious allegory, I don’t know what to say without spoiling it for the virgin viewer.

So there are spoilers in the following column, and these will diminish your enjoyment of this masterpiece going in, I assure you. Only readers who have already seen the film are allowed to read further.

Go see it. I cannot, can NOT, recommend it highly enough.