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One for all you internet radio junkies…

So I’ve been listening to Radionomy for a while now. My default station is a stream called “Generic Male DJs – Ultimate 80s“, which plays ” 80s New Wave, Alternative, Synthpop and Dark Wave music.” Recent tracks include R.E.M., Devo, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Peter Gabriel, and Depeche Mode. Playing right now is the legendary supergroup Haircut One Hundred. That should give a basic impression of the station.

But what caught my interest is that one can start their own station through Radionomy. It starts out for free, but over time the station needs to get a certain number of listener hours or a charge will be incurred. If a station picks up enough listeners, the station can make some cash.

I’m kicking around the idea of starting a station. Inflicting my music on the world is only proper.

It’s Hard To Understand Him From The Language He Used

They Might Be Giants goes to the movies… [kinda NSFW, a little]

I’ve never actually seen the movie, outside of a short bit here or there. I’m thinking that needs correction.