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…can be chronologically arranged into 0123. Not for any good reason, though.

Had a terrific year and found me a keeper. We have run into a bit of friction, however…

What they don't tell you in pre-marital counseling

What they don’t tell you in pre-marital counseling

 Happy New Year!

Red Pill Blues

Some notes for any newcomers to so-called “Red Pill” sites.

It seems the term “Red Pill” is well past the point of liquefaction by now.

The term was borrowed from The Matrix to describe “waking up” and realizing much of one’s beliefs and assumptions were wrong. In the Androsphere, it’s long since mutated into shorthand for A Quick Fix Of Truth.

In the movie, all the Red Pill ever did for anyone was incontrovertibly show them that everything they had been taught was wrong. That’s it. No magic knowledge, no automatic grasp of Reality As it Really Is. Much screen time was spent showing Neo after his unplugging, asking questions and being taught what was real.

Many people who “take the red pill” simply trade out one set of canned phrases and buzzwords for a new set of memes and buzzwords. It’s akin to realizing that there’s no Apollo carrying the Sun across the sky in his chariot, and being told that the Sun revolves around the Earth. A growing amount of what passes for “Red Pill wisdom” is based on a pre-packaged set of assumptions derived solely from surface observations.

Much like “taking the Red Pill” does not replace old (erroneous) knowledge with new, it doesn’t undo the cumulative effects of years of Blue Pill thinking. Just because someone knows what’s wrong doesn’t mean he knows what’s right. Referencing the movie again, after Neo was freed he still thought and reasoned the same as before. He had to unlearn all his previous habits and gradually replace them with new ones.

A lifetime of pattern and habit isn't discarded overnight

A lifetime of pattern and habit isn’t discarded overnight

The fooferah over Mark Minter was an example of this. A number of guys took the advice to stop placing women on a pedestal – and immediately replaced them with some guy who talked a good game.

Another example around these parts would be Men’s Rights Activists claim society is unfairly tilted against men. I don’t follow MRA sites too closely, so I can’t say how many of their claims are correct or not, but they do seem to raise several good points. However, even if they are 100% correct in identifying problems, they are still rooting their solutions in the prevailing framework of group identity and entitlement.

Forget that he's saved the entire planet over a dozen times... what has he done for them lately?

So what if you’ve saved the entire planet over a dozen times… what have you done for my group lately?

Despite their intentions, the general result is that MRAs aren’t campaigning for justice for all so much as pushing for their group to get identical treatment as other groups. They’re switching one effect for a different one, but it stems from the same cause – still stuck in the same victim mentality as those they fight.

To be fair, not too many people have come to “Red Pill” sites in the past without already having questioned some or most of their beliefs. However, as the androsphere has been growing and getting steadily increasing exposure, more people are tripping over it and thinking “Hey, this sounds good” and claiming to have switched to the Red Pill as easily as changing one’s socks. These, as I noted recently, are generally the ones looking for a purpose, who have no direction in their lives and are searching for someone to give them a readymade one. They accept small, easy-to-swallow fragments of the so-called Red Pill, already heavily diluted by careless parroting into a copy of a copy of a copy – with all the errors and artifacts that creep in – fitting relatively neatly into the pre-existing Blue Pill framework that they’ve been indoctrinated into for years, and that’s the end of it.

The analogy Dalrock has used (I don’t know if he originated it or merely ran with it) was of the sunglasses in They Live. This works better because even after discovering much of what one knows is wrong, one still has to go forth and discern what is right. Much like Roddy Piper trying to navigate the city and constantly finding new things that were previously hidden, a “red pill” person has to continually keep peeling back the layers to find truth.

That, and the idea of glasses helping one see better is pretty fitting.

Merry Christmas!

Tweets For The Rest Of Us

Sen. Rand Paul begins Festivus with The Airing Of Grievances

No comments about the lack of a Festivus pole in Congress

No comments about the lack of a Festivus pole in Congress

I for one would welcome such a Feats Of Strength event.

4000 Quatloos On The Kryptonian


Part I

Part II

Part III released today.

Addendum: this is all by just one guy working at home. Over 30,000 views in less than one day.

The Faithful’re Not Gonna Take It

Someone is going to Hell for this –

Better quality here but it crops out the intro.

I can picture him cleaned up with a haircut in a cathedral and belting out a traditional version of this song.

For you know-nuthin’ kids who were unfortunate enough to have not lived through the 80s, watch this first.

Nightsky’s Three Laws Of Movements

There are three key developments to any movement, whether artistic, political, or social –

  • Foundation – Someone – or even several people acting independently – discerns, pioneers, or stumbles over a particular concept. These  are the ones who have painstakingly reasoned it out  and have the deepest understanding.

These are the handful of people willing to buck “conventional” thinking and whose personal experiences have gradually but inevitably led them to a specific conclusion. The concept provides a cornerstone to establish a framework atop of.

  • Structuring – A small following accrues, consisting of those who learn from the direct experience of the first group, their own observations fitting into and supporting the framework. With time, the edifice is overbuilt, extraneous knickknacks and clutter accumulate.

A second group discovers the concept. Also willing to buck received thinking, these people have similar experiences as the first group, but not as many, and not to the same degree. They don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle (or just don’t put them together), but once the assembled puzzle is shown to them, the light flicks on and they see the concept clearly. But by not putting the pieces of the watch together on their own, they may be less able to understand how it keeps time, and their explanations of such tend to lack precision.

  • Liquefaction – The drifters, the lost, and the hangers-on come along later and imbibe a diluted, polluted, or outright bastardized version of the concept.

The ones looking for a purpose arrive, who have no direction in their lives and are searching for someone to give them a prepackaged one. The already-stressed framework  is liquified and spread wide, like a tall ice sculpture melting into a flat, wide puddle. The watered-down version is then mixed with remnants of their previous belief, and if actually pressed on it, the koolaiders will resist the original, pure version as “extreme.”

I began to notice this pattern in my late teens, but what really cemented it for me was how the so-called grunge scene played out. To illustrate –

  • Green River, The Melvins

The pioneers  who blazed the trail in the ’80s.

  • Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam

Found the trail and staked out the territory in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Translated the idioms into a more common parlance understandable to outsiders and new arrivals.

  • Nickelback

….the less said, and all that.

This also happens in politics – first, second, and third-wave feminism, for example. Or track William F. Buckley to Rush Limbaugh to… pretty much anyone in the GOP today.

For those not versed in alternative music (yuppie scum) or in politics, think of how writers for The Simpsons or Seinfeld changed over time – the original writers had a personal vision and followed it wherever it led. Later writers were hired hands who were familiar with the shows but also brought some personal vision and experience to established concepts. After that, writers came from the ranks of fans, who had only seen the finished products on the screen and knew little of the visions or experiences behind the scripts. Recycled catchphrases and inbred cliches abounded as originality and innovation expired painfully in the desert of formulaic KwikSkript.

Movements can continue to change after Law Three kicks in, but at that point it’s usually just a case of rearranging the deck chairs, not actual mutation.

A movement constructed on a false premise doesn’t challenge its followers, but rather comforts them in their flawed worldview and will easily attract followers. A movement built on a correct premise will find itself beset by dilution and corruption, which must be actively fought off or else it will degenerate into a happy feelgood kool-aid party. Regardless, a movement almost always ends up in the toilet.

Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Another candidate for the Awesomest Headlines list…

Man convicted of urinating on hotel carpet while shouting racist abuse, while masturbating with a fire-extinguisher hose up his ass

I’d ask if he shot off a round of foam, but I think that just might just slightly be open to misinterpretation.