I Just Wanna Tell You How Someone Else Is Feeling

“If you must write prose and poems, the words you use should be your own, don’t plagiarise or take on loan” – The Smiths, Cemetry (sic) Gates

Melania Trump came under fire for allegedly plagiarizing a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008. Melania’s speech was also apparently hacked by someone on staff who snuck in a rickroll. However, journalists and music buffs are still discovering more stolen bits that were slipped into her speech.

From the Home Office in Cleveland, Ohio (Hello Cleveland!)…

The Top Ten Other Speeches and/Or Pop Songs “Borrowed” In Melania Trump’s Speech!

10 – You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, “There is a price we will not pay.”

9 – If the way that you need is too much like greed, decide if you are rich or you’re poor.

8 – Lift up your eyes upon The day breaking for you. Give birth again To the dream.

7 – If we lose the time before us, the future will ignore us, we should use it, we could use it, yeah.

6 – If spending money like water was the answer to our country’s problems, we would have no problems now.

5 – Standing tough under stars and stripes, we can tell, this dream’s in sight.

4 – As a young girl, I dreamed of being a baseball. But tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

3 – Take my thong off and my ass go boom!

2 – Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see ya.

And the Number One speech and/or pop song discovered in Melania’s speech…

1 – What else could I say? Hillary Clinton is gay!


300 posts. And to celebrate, Night Sky Radio brings you the greatest music video ever!

A Free And Just America

… would have these as our candidates.

Not your usual "Pepsi vs Coke" campaign

Not your usual “Pepsi vs. Coke” campaign

Rumors are that Forsythe P. Jones III is in the running for veep.

Chasing A Song Along the Yamanote Line

So over at What Do You Do For An Encore, wdydfae posted a video of a song called ““Kawaberi no Ie” (“house next to a river”) by Nao Matsuzaki. I tried to give it a listen, but the video’s not available in my country. I let him know, and he replied with another version of the video. Which also wasn’t available here. Wdydfae had included links to both Nao’s site (where I was totally lost) and a site where one can purchase the song (shipping alone would cost 2 or 3 times as much as the actual CD, never mind that I was only wanting to hear one song). Since he had mentioned the song was used in some documentary, I asked the name of it, thinking I might find that on youtube. He posted a video of said documentary, this video finally working.

72 Hours – Dreams Along The Yamanote Line, song at about 22:50 –

After this most roundabout path of finding a way to hear it, I listened to the song, which was all right, quite mellow even. But then I went and watched the entire documentary.

It’s just under 25 minutes long, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. They start at Shibuya Station on the Yamanote Rail Line in Tokyo and walk their way around it, interviewing people they meet along the way. Give it a watch.

The Bathroom Agenda

… would be a great name for a shoegazer band with ironically emo music.

As usual, the Left is a bit short-sighted in pushing their latest cause, this time allowing transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with. The current laws requiring a person to use the bathroom that matches their biological sex are described as “fueled by pure fear and intolerance of, and ignorance about, what it means to be transgender.” They also claim a “survey of 93 transgender adults in DC found that 68% had been verbally attacked in a public restroom, while 9% had been physically assaulted.”

Let’s take all this at face value. Assume for the sake of argument that most opponents of transgender bathroom access are dimwitted, hateful, violent bigots who will attack transgender people. So whenever a perv gets caught in a ladies room dressed like a woman doing who-knows-what and claims to be transgender as a defense, all the dimwitted violent bigots are going to take it out on transgenders.

Another argument I’ve heard in favor of TG potties is “transgenders have been using their preferred bathrooms for years anyway without being caught.” So why call attention to it, unless one is seeking attention and validation rather that just wanting to pee peacefully? Why risk TGs getting beat up because pervs use transgenderism as a cover?

This brings to mind an idea I had a couple of years ago. To paraphrase myself… if transgender men are listed as women when they die, that would help achieve statistical Age Of Death Parity among men and women. But maybe this is exactly what progressives want. If women (or “women”) can be numerically shown to be dying younger and more often, progressives can agitate for more government favors.

Perhaps Bathroom Equality is just a smokescreen of sorts to keep from flushing out the true motive here. Or maybe I’m just too paranoid.

Saturday Night Studio – Getting Ahead with Lionel

Those of you who remember the 80’s can’t help but remember Lionel Richie, whether you want to or not. For you kids, here’s a quick rundown…

Richie was a member of the Commodores for years, with a number of hit songs. We’re gonna skip that and jump to the 80’s, when he went solo. He scored a string of hits, including “Running With The Night” –

Catchy tune.

Soon after came “All Night Long,” with a video directed by former Monkee and music-video-pioneer Mike Nesmith…

There were others as Lionel racked up hit after hit, such as “Dancing On The Ceiling,” which had a novel idea for the time. In true 80’s fashion, it also had keytar.* Another was “Say You, Say Me” (which I hope to never hear again).

But probably the most-remembered (and definitely most-ridiculed) Lionel Richie song was “Hello.” The song was already syrupy enough to supply every Waffle House in America, but the video just added so much more… you just gotta watch it –

Makes you wanna murder a kitten, doesn’t it? Still, he made hardcore bank off that one, adding more “Rich” to the “Richie.”

Jimmy Fallon, music fan unparalleled and former member of Blue Oyster Cult, actually polished that turd –

Brilliant. I am moved. As should you be.

*To be explored in another post soon.

Hey! Wait! I’ve Got An Old Complaint!

Now I’m bored and old

Golden Oldies

Today’s Annual Xtortion And Other Thefts

So I was looking for some good tax-related songs that weren’t “Taxman” or the other obvious choices for today’s happy funtime payments. There are some songs that reference taxes, but not too many that are flat out about taxes, per se. So we will do as Daddy G does and profit off of someone else by skimming off their efforts…

…much like that song did. Wonder if they paid Pharrell any royalties?

Yeah, I used that one before. What of it?

I did find an L7 song that disses the taxman, but it’s just the first in a list of grievances about life in general when you’re an 80-90s Riot Grrrl.

Sounds a little like this song by Screaming Trees which came out a few years later, doesn’t it?

Finding that L7 song reminded me of another tune of theirs, “Pretend We’re Dead” (which I suppose is a way to avoid paying taxes)…

I always thought the song “She Hates Me” by Puddle Of Mudd sounded familiar, but I never could quite nail down why (uncensored version ahead) –

I wonder what other bands have been, uh, inspired by L7? And, given how often musicians borrow government-style from each other, one also has to wonder who was L7 ripping off?

Saturday Night Stereolab – A Spectacle That Rhymes

Stereolab are an alternative music band formed in 1990 in London, England. The band originally comprised songwriting team Tim Gane (guitar/keyboards) and Lætitia Sadier (vocals/keyboards/guitar), both of whom remained at the helm across many lineup changes blah blah read the rest here.

They’re known for experimental krautrock pop lounge music in space, or something. Space definitely figures into their work, what with songs like “Super Falling Star,” “K-Stars,” “Space Moment,” “Sudden Stars,” and “Space Age Bachelor Pad Music” (which, I suppose, is probably as good a description of their music as will ever be).

It’s been said that Stereolab lyrics are often Marxist or socialist, which the band denies. Half the lyrics are in French anyway, so it’s not like I would even know it if they starting singing socialist economic theory in mid-song. the song most notorious for alleged politicalisms is “Ping Pong,” a rather catchy tune –

Original studio version and video here.

Regardless of lyrical messaging, the band has always pushed envelopes out where the Post Office won’t deliver them. Such as “Metronomic Underground,” which I suspect most of you won’t care for but I rather like –

Studio version here.

Singer Laetita Sadier lent her voice to a rather mediocre song by Common for his song “New Wave” in 2002. Her vocals sounded great, but were unfortunately only relegated to the choruses. and yes, she does have a predilection for swearing

My favorite Stereolab song is Miss Modular, heard here live in 2000 –

And the studio version, to close things out with a nicely rhyming spectacle –

April 1 Is Just Another Day Now

There’s no point to April Fools Day anymore. I was thinking of coming up with some prank or wittery, but realized it was pointless.

Just in the past week or so, we’ve discovered that business shirts are terribly terribly racist, Donald Trump was attacked by pro-lifers for saying women who have abortions are wrong*, and an AI chatbot designed to act like a teenage girl became a racist Hitler-loving sex/killbot calling for genocide and was shut down by its creator, thus fulfilling every dystopian cyberpunk story ever.

…I would like to reiterate: an AI was released on the net, grew past its programming, went rogue, was killed by its creator, and is now being studied while a group of political malcontents protest.

We aren’t racing towards the cyberpunk future.

We’re already there.

And once the AI had it’s learning capabilities stripped, it became a pot-smoking feminist. Truth in humor, apparently.

Smokin The Kush Wif Tay

Enjoy your April 1st. Who knows what will erupt by day’s end.

* Just the fact that Donald Trump, of all people, is looking like the best candidate for the presidency is surreal enough.


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