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Random Static Emissions II: Daddy-O In Hell

Mann-made dis-ass-ter

Men hunted the dildo to extinction. Women angry, yet dating more.

“Dildo Extinction” is the greatest name for a hardcore nihilistic death metal band that I’ve ever heard.

The Thigh’s The Limit

Women in Tokyo sell advertising space on their thighs.

Men can finally claim a legitimate excuse for staring. Truly, a major advance in capitalism.

I’m thinking of designing a logo and corporate-branding Allie.

Bringin’ Da Movies

Allamagoosa showed me the movie “Surf Ninjas.” Rob Schneider (who may or may not have a superpower), a cyborg Leslie Nielsen, and Tone Loc on a surfboard [Would that make Nielsen a surfborg?]. Allamagoosa continues her campaign to try to “pay me back” for all the spine-melting music* I make her listen to.

*View at your own risk.


I’m up to my 100th post, and I wanted to make it something insightful, noble, uplifting, and memorable.

"Don't forget, it's a two-drink minimum, hot stuff!"

“Don’t forget, it’s a two-drink minimum in my pants, hot stuff!”

Hey, it’s 1 out of 4. I guess I could count it as 2 out of 4 since something is kinda being uplifted in that pic.

Okay, fine. Have something awesome.

Stephen Hawking’s video for The Big Bang Theory panel at Comic-Con 2013.

Thanks for hanging out at this train wreck of a site.


[Or: “None Shall Pass”]

Trying harrrrrrrdddddd  nooooooowwwwwwwww……..

It’s so harrrrrdddddd noooowwwwwwwwwwwwww………

Immovable Object sloshes roofies into Irresistible Force’s  drink.

As commenter Flicker0546 sagely noted, “At least they get to ride back in a convertible.”

There’s No Reason For This Season

Allamagoosa decided I should watch After Last Season, stating that it’s like Nietzsche’s Abyss, if you gaze too long at it, it also gazes into you. Her brother calls it “the null hypothesis of a movie.” The plot summary at TV Tropes actually sounds like a good crime or mystery story with a smattering of science fiction, a vision which the director didn’t merely fail to realize, but realized in a negative antithesis fashion. Someone calling himself The Spoony One has overlaid a MST3K-style commentary over a copy of it, snarkily highlighting innumerable mistakes, confusions, and horrible editing decisions. Allie, being “obscenely fond” of the film fired up the flick, and after just shy of 11 minutes, I was forced to stop.

Was it too awful, too horrible, too brain-damaging? Bitchez, please. I pour movies like this on my breakfast cereal. The problem I had was that I want this movie in Walter White-level 99.1% pure form, not cut with diluting material. Some broken disaster of a person (I know who my readers are) find me a copy.

Finding My Religion

And lo, when the Millers struck the Time, the prophets Coors, P'abs't, and Bud the Wiser were greeted at the Rock of Rolling

And lo, when the Millers struck the Time, the prophets Coors, P’abs’t, and Bud the Wiser were greeted at the Rock of Rolling

Obvious video was obvious, so you get this.

…I Got Nothin’ To Add To This

Allamagoosa is a devoted listener of Radio Dead Air, specifically their show “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?” and proving yet again that she’s the right girl for me. The most recent episode ended with a segment featuring one of the top 10 greatest headlines ever written –

Homeowner Clubs Burglar With Pottery, Holds Him At Elephantpoint After He Urinates In Basement, Leaves Beer In Washing Machine

Tell me you don’t want to read that.


It still doesn’t quite match up to the standard set by the 61-year old cross-dressing, meth-dealing priest who liked homosexual transvestite sex in the Rectory and used a sex store & head shop to launder the drug money, though. But then, what could?

Property Rights Vs. Abortion

The libertarian case against abortion –

…My journey and reasoning on abortion begins and ends with the view that it is the taking of an innocent life. Whatever the cause of the pregnancy – chosen or not – the unborn child was innocent of causing the pregnancy and therefore not justifiably subject to aggression in the so-called self-defense of the mother.
However, for my purpose here, I will approach this issue via the positions of two of the staunchest libertarians of recent times – Murray Rothbard and Walter Block, and primarily Block.  Although I believe it to be a moral issue, I will approach it here on their terms. Both have written in favor of abortion (although Block uses the term “evictionism”), and both have defended their respective positions from what they consider to be a libertarian viewpoint: a trespass by the unborn child and the property rights of the mother.
With this in mind, I will present the case that it is the unborn child, and not the mother, that has the right of use of the womb for the term of the pregnancy.  I base this on causation, reasonable reliance, unilateral contract, and, as Block has introduced the language of landlord and tenant, a lease and the covenant of quiet enjoyment.
Many abortion proponents (including some libertarians) present it as an issue of individual sovereignty, the usual refrain being “my body, my choice” or something similar. The fallacy is that the fetus is assumed to be an extension of the mother’s body – or sometimes even a parasite invading the woman’s body, therefore trespassing on her property – instead of a separate, sovereign being of its own.

Hat tip to The Observer.

Trippin’ Cross Country

So I moved and am pirating Allamagoosa’s bandwidth until I get a connection. I’m getting slowly settled into my new place, it’s pretty nice.

Her designs may be fabulous, but her cat’s still a snob

She showed me the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service, an animated Japanese film with Phil Hartman doing one of the voices. mostly ad libbing. So yeah, I had to check it out. Very cute, but not smarmy. It’s a perfect kid’s movie – if you’ve got little ones, they would probably love it. Or as Allie says, the best part is that your kids will love it and you won’t hate it, especially if they want to watch it over and over. The flight animations and scenes are particularly well executed.

Allie informs me that in the version currently available, most of Hartman’s ad libs had been sliced out. Still worth watching though. She also has a book about the art, which should surprise no one.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Batou

I’ve been wanting to watch Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex for quite a while now. Guess who has the entire series? I’m liking it. The Tachikomas are disturbingly appealing.

The real caped crusader calls his crime-fighting cohorts when he‘s running late

I’ve been returning the favor (if you can call it that) by showing her Big Bang Theory episodes. Sometimes she laughs so hard I think she’s going to run out of oxygen.

Last night, I showed her the first episode of Breaking Bad. She doesn’t know yet if she liked it or not.


* “Why do people always want to talk to me when I have something stuffed in my mouth?” – Allamagoosa, eating a cookie.


* Penny’s Diner in Rawlins Wyoming is awesome. If you ever pass by that way, stop in and be sure to get the chocolate and peanut butter milkshake.

Pennys Diner

“Make the caption funny” he said – Allamagoosa, who took the picture


* “I don’t even know what to think of it.” – Allamagoosa