Better Advertising Through Radiation

American Digest asks the question– “The Japanese: Nuked Too Much Or Not Enough?”

As the Digest put it, “Lots of dancing, singing, video games and the selling of noodles. Complete with a Surfing Tommy Lee Jones working for a BIG payday at 3:16.”

And cats.

So, nuked too much or not enough? The answer is “Yes.”

It wasn’t nuclear radiation that affected them. Rather, it was radioactive exposure to the West, which left their physiology and intellect intact, but severely mutated them on a cultural level. They’re still Japanese, but with a strangely and deeply warped American element mixed in.

Still, they seem happy with it, and I find it highly entertaining.

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  1. The classroom invasion is actually undertaken by a K-Pop girl band (I don’t know which one). You gotta check out the long-running Tommy Lee Jones series. It’s brilliant. TLJ totally redeemed the Hollywood-celebrity-in-tv-commercial genre.

    • HAHAHAHAAAAA! Loved the 70s cop one. They’re movin’ day and night, pursuiting the justice!

      They nailed that pretty well, right down to the tropes, including the “police captain looking through window blinds” scene and the chase music. I would watch an Alien Jones cop show.

      • It was a real show, Seibu Keisatsu (West District Police) and the section chief was played by Yujiro Ishihara (in the TLJ cm, a lookalike). Ishihara was the Japanese Elvis Presley–like if Presley had settled down and not gone through the Graceland/Vegas stage.

        The TLJ series captures tons of iconic Japanalia affectionately/satirically, and TLJ plays it to stoic perfection.

  2. Another amusing cm you might enjoy, NSR.

    A guy and his car. Guy abuses car, car and guy do a body switch, car in guy body abuses guy in car body. Guy wakes up from nightmare, undergoes personal transformation. It’s like Christmas Carol, except with a car. (A Carismas Carol?)

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