There’s No Reason For This Season

Allamagoosa decided I should watch After Last Season, stating that it’s like Nietzsche’s Abyss, if you gaze too long at it, it also gazes into you. Her brother calls it “the null hypothesis of a movie.” The plot summary at TV Tropes actually sounds like a good crime or mystery story with a smattering of science fiction, a vision which the director didn’t merely fail to realize, but realized in a negative antithesis fashion. Someone calling himself The Spoony One has overlaid a MST3K-style commentary over a copy of it, snarkily highlighting innumerable mistakes, confusions, and horrible editing decisions. Allie, being “obscenely fond” of the film fired up the flick, and after just shy of 11 minutes, I was forced to stop.

Was it too awful, too horrible, too brain-damaging? Bitchez, please. I pour movies like this on my breakfast cereal. The problem I had was that I want this movie in Walter White-level 99.1% pure form, not cut with diluting material. Some broken disaster of a person (I know who my readers are) find me a copy.

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  1. “Bitchez, please. I pour movies like this on my breakfast cereal.” You got to save that quote, frame it, mount it, train floodlights on it, and put flowers under it every day.

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