October 21 2015 Day

Amazon Prime is promoting Back To The Future Day all over their site, with a huge banner video on top of the pages, and streaming all 3 movies for free. I decided to watch Back To The Future II, partly because I have only seen it a couple times (less than the third, and far less than the first), and because it’s the movie which centers around today’s date.

A few random thoughts…

Alternate 1985 Biff looks strikingly like Donald Trump.

I forgot how good some of the special effects were. Absolutely outstanding for the, uh, time.

Doc’s shades. Metal awesomeness.

I want to hang out at the 80s Cafe.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen BttF 2 all the way through, just snippets. It has the It’s a Wonderful Life homage sequence doesn’t it? (alternate future like Potterville)

    College Humor did a moderately amusing video related to this:

    But College Humor’s definitely been slipping the past few years.

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