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They Have The Internet On Computers Now!

Teens react to 90s internet –

I’m kinda fond of the 90s internet. Most likely some misplaced nostalgia, I’m sure, but it could also be that Night Sky Radio started streaming online in 1995.* This brings back memories of what the station was like back in those days. Have a look for yourself at the 90s version of Night Sky Radio.

I really miss Geocities. Specifically, the way it was before Yahoo bought it. It had a great theme and actually kinda felt like travelling through different neighborhoods.

* After a, well, let’s call it a spirited discussion with the FCC regarding regular broadcast transmissions. The staff attorneys tell me I can’t say anything further on it.

Happy 4th Of July

Your government wishes you a happy Dependence Day.

Americas Guardian

He knows where to find you, citizen


Okay, I can’t be completely cynical. Have another one.


Superman by Fred Ray, 1942

Superman by Fred Ray, 1942


Hope you’re all having a happy 4th.

Bonus pic, click to embiggen –

Superman in WWII, by Jerry Ordway, 1990

Superman in WWII, by Jerry Ordway, 1990



Wednesday Golf Outing

Some more in the style of Hal Gurnee’s Network Time Killers

– A woman gave birth to twins… six months apart. Doctor blames it on an “incompetent cervix.”

That’s the best turn of phrase I’ve heard all day. All week, even. It definitely deserves to attain idiom status somehow. I’m thinking – to take the easy route – that it would be a great name for a  progressive-acoustic feminist wannabe-ironic hipster band.


A raging AngerSad has erupted over the Hobby Lobby court decision on the Byrne Robotics board. I have a couple question about the decision myself. First, how much does birth control cost out-of-pocket? Is it really that expensive? Considering how prevalent birth control seems to be, it would seem to be rather affordable, given how many women use it, and that mass production lowers costs . But I’ve never bought it, so I can’t say for sure. Second, I’ve seen comments claiming women often need birth control for medical reasons other than actual contraception (which HL still provides). Hobby Lobby only refuses to provide 4 out of 20 birth control methods. The 4 types they won’t cover are abortifacients. Do abortifacients provide any kind of medical benefit the way, say, birth control pills do?

I’m not even going to get into all the issues about the government telling a privately-owned company what it can and can’t pay for, or how HL employees are free to work where the employers will pay for all forms of birth control, etc.

Getting back to the B.R. thread…. a commenter wrote “A single-payer system would have many problems, but it seems to work pretty well for Congress and our veterans.” Hasn’t said system and said veterans been much in the news of late? The commenter does link to a poll claiming most veterans are satisfied with the care they get, but I’m not inclined to trust the Veterans Affairs site’s reporting. As for Congress… drawing on the combined taxes of the entire country to support the health care of 535 people should work spectacularly well. It’s scaling it up to paying for 318 million people that’s the problem.


Digging down into the internet vaults…. The Comics Curmudgeon examines(!) Rex Morgan M.D. (guest-starring LBJ. Or a lookalike from the same place Hal Gurnee found the Kenny Rogers clone) –





I don’t know if they went golfing, but it sounds like someone scored a hole-in-one…


I don’t want to know if there were penalty strokes.


Somehow I’ve ended up featuring Kenny Rogers twice in relatively rapid succession. I’ve got nothing against Kenny – “Coward of the County” and “The Gambler” are good tunes – but let’s spin another track from that same era and see how many people run screaming.

The guys look like they’re going to, uh, play golf when the ladies suddenly show up.