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Zwei drei vier, it’s easy to see
But it’s not that I don’t care so
‘Cause I hear it all the time
But they never let you know
On the T.V. and the radio

– Falco, “Der Kommissar

A couple of Thought Police wannabes want to silence Dalrock – Atheist Adam Lee’s smear campaign to silence my discussion of Christian sexual morality.

Adam Lee AKA the Daylight Atheist has asked his twitter followers to falsely report my blog to wordpress for abuse.  I’m writing this post to help anyone from wordpress understand the nature of the smear campaign against me, and to also ensure that I have the opportunity to defend myself against this smear campaign while I still have a platform to do so.

Adam Lee is a blogger on Patheos who focuses on attacking Christians whom he accuses of being liars.  However, Lee isn’t above lying himself when he gets the opportunity to silence a blogger like myself who dares to write about Christian sexual morality:


First, this isn’t an MRA blog.  I am not an MRA, I am a Christian and I write almost exclusively about a topic I have great passion for;  marriage.  However, MRAs do read my blog and are part of the conversation.

More importantly, the blog post which caused Adam Lee to organize a campaign to have me silenced wasn’t abuse, it was a discussion of sexual morality.  In my post One at a time, please I pointed out that since we have abandoned biblical sexual morality we have ended up with the incredibly low standard of serial monogamy, which when you boil it down simply means “one at a time”.  In that post I pointed to a columnist on the gossip site The Frisky who wrote about having sex with multiple men after telling her husband she wanted a divorce but before the divorce was official.  To be clear, this is a woman gossiping about her sex life on a gossip site she writes for.  This wasn’t me exposing anything in her personal life that she hadn’t decided to share with everyone who will listen.  In the same post, I linked to the woman’s personal blog where she has a dedicated section of self portraits, as well as to her public Flickr page.  These links were in context with the point of my post which was that even a free spirit like the woman at the Frisky felt compelled to demonstrate that she was complying with our new (but meaningless) definition of sexual morality.

The gossip columnist was incensed, and reached out over Twitter to fellow atheist Adam Lee asking him to organize a campaign of atheists to (falsely) report this blog to wordpress for abuse…

Read the rest here.

Lee claims to be a libertarian, but apparently doesn’t understand the libertarian concept of free speech, including speech that one finds offensive. But then, Lee is also unclear on the Hobby Lobby case, not understanding that the decision was an affirmation of individual rights, e.g. “you can’t be forced to spend your money on other people.” Hardcore free-market libertarian and atheist Don Boudreaux grokked it just fine here, so I’m not sure what part of it Lee has trouble with. But given Lee’s reasoning on the HL case, one can see how he doesn’t really get free speech either.

Lee’s censorious – and anti-libertarian – nature is exemplified by this tweet –

Social Sanction

Gotta shut them h8ful Xians up.

Social sanction. Hah! I’m highly amused by this. Having spent most of my life on the outside, socially speaking, I don’t see what’s so horrible about buzzword-spewing HerdThinkers not wanting to talk to me. I kinda prefer it.

Lee’s “About” page states “Daylight Atheism was created to push back against undeserved privileging of religion and to encourage atheists to step out of their closets, into the daylight, and take our rightful place at the table of society’s discourse.” Fair enough. But keeping true to left-“libertarian”ism’s zero-sum mentality, this place at the table can only come at the expense of shoving other people away.

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