In The Village

Number Six: Has it ever occurred to you that you are just as much a prisoner as I am?
Number Two: …It doesn’t matter which “side” runs the Village….
Number Six: The whole Earth as the Village?
Number Two: That is my hope. What’s yours?
Number Six: I’d like to be the first man on the moon.

It must be “Politics & Superheroes” Week on the internet or something…


Edison vs the Village

“The Village is mediocrity. The Village is failure.”



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  1. You know, I never saw the original Prisoner….

    • You should.

      I haven’t seen all of it, and somewhere along the way I accidentally discovered how it ends (I suspected what it would be anyway), but what I have seen is …. different. It’s very British and almost abstract in places. I need to check out more of them.

      Some episodes are online for free, or used to be anyway. If not, DVDs are probably fairly inexpensive.

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