Questions With No Answers

Some stuff I’ve been pondering….

Can someone point me to an explanation of Neoreaction? One that is geared toward the layman and not 30 pages long? I’m not very inclined to buy into it, but I would at least like to know what it is I’m not buying into so I can explain why I’m not buying into it.


I recently asked two questions regarding the Hobby Lobby case. Since no one answered, I’m asking again. First, how much does birth control cost out-of-pocket? Is it really that expensive? It would seem to be rather affordable given how many women use it, and that mass production lowers costs. But I’ve never bought it, so I can’t say for sure. Second, I’ve seen comments claiming women often need birth control for medical reasons other than actual contraception. Do abortifacients provide any kind of medical benefit the way, say, birth control pills do?


Proponents of population control are saying most people are nothing more than consumers, and will deplete the world’s resources. So why do they push for a welfare state, which is primarily a population of consumers who don’t produce?


Have any of the very rich politicians or entertainers who complain loudly about income inequality ever just issued some poorer people a check?


Will the Falco Tribute Band destroy civilization… or save it?


Title is from here. Mickey explains it’s historical significance. Although you should watch the original first or this one won’t make much sense to you.

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  1. This might give you a start on the neoreaction stuff. I only glanced at it myself.

  2. Given some of the incoherence and disagreement among its adherents, I doubt you could get a decent explanation of NeoReaction in less than 30 pages. Perhaps it can be done, but not by me.

    • The link Allamagoosa posted above is a decent starter (although the writer admits she’s an outsider to NRx), and it links to this post, which lays out the basic principles.

      The basics seem ok enough, but it seems like all the NRx types have different ideas about how to implement them, or possibly even what they actually mean.

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