Saturday Night Studio – Out On The Streets

Some stuff found on the streets.

The description reads “Bassist Jay-Tee Teterissa slaps his Marleaux Signature Bass for solid 5 minutes. This video was recorded spontaneous and in 1 take during Musikmesse 2015. Find out more about Jay-Tee:

Slappin’ the bass fantastic –

Tanya and Dorise performing “The Story” –

apparently these two have something of a following in New Orleans. There are a lot of videos of them performing in the French Quarter posted to youtube.

I like their version of this song even better than the original –

Not even gonna try describing this one –

Guy earned every dollar he got.

Bonus Tanya & Dorise, because it’s just so awesome –

At the 2:56 point… the sustain, listen to it! It goes up to eleven!

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  1. Some stuff found on the streets.

    Better the streets than the dumpster.

    But really, some talented folks featured tonight.

  2. I’m going to be enjoying this! So far, just got through the sick slapping bass. Be nice to hear Jay-Tee with a real drummer. Did you ever hear Paul Jackson and Mike Clark do their rhythm section only thing?

    Thanks for the Kyaryan shout-out, too! I’m actually ambivalent about Kyary musically, but her videos are so mind-bending (uh, maybe I should say WERE mind bending!) that I felt compelled to report.

  3. This is some kind of cute high tec for Christmas:

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