Saturday Night Studio – Xylophoning It In

….because when one thinks of rock music, one immediately thinks of \m/ xylophone \m/ !

[If flashing or flickering lights affect you negatively, don’t click some of these videos]

Xylophone has a somewhat obscure history with popular music, but it’s been quite a number of songs, especially in the 80s. Tears for Fears used it to good effect in their song “Change” –

Dig those crazy dance moves during the bridge. So 80s.

The Thompson Twins were known for skilled percussion work by Alannah Currie, including some understated xylophone in “Hold Me Now” –

They had a string of hits in the mid-80s, then just sort of disappeared. Wonder whatever happened to them?*

Rumors on the street claim that Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam snuck some xylophone into their hit song “Lost In Emotion,” but rock scientists have been unable to confirm this conclusively.

Bananarama dabbled with Xylophone in their song “Cruel Summer” –

Cops chasing the band to no avail, only to end up dancing in the streets with said band… a defining characteristic of 80s videos.

[Yes, yes, I know summer is pretty much over, and what month it is. Have some September with amusing xylophone and a gleefully abused puppet.]

Xylophone has made it into some more recent songs, such as the Pomplamoose song I cleverly snuck in above, as well as a relatively recent hit by Gotye [Warning: skinny dude who doesn’t like pants. but hey, it’s got Kimbra]. Specialists are still trying to figure out how to pronounce “Gotye” but many agree it has nothing to do with an exuberant affinity for goats.

At the end of the day, however, it appears that the all-time king hell middle-finger-to-the-world winner of rock xylophone is this classic –

Such nice, undisturbed fellows.


According to this 2004 piece by Ace Of Spades HQ, Thompson Twinner Joe Leeway later developed an interest in politics and/or economics…

Krugman vs Thompson Twins




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  1. Nice feature!

    I gotta mention the formidable Ruth Underwood, playing vibes on Zappa’s “Inca Roads”!

    She was a looker, too.

    Plus other ditties on the One Size Fits All and Apostrophe albums.

  2. More Ruth Underwood doing Frank Zappa, “St. Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast” (from Apostrophe):

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