Saturday Night Studio – Getting Ahead with Lionel

Those of you who remember the 80’s can’t help but remember Lionel Richie, whether you want to or not. For you kids, here’s a quick rundown…

Richie was a member of the Commodores for years, with a number of hit songs. We’re gonna skip that and jump to the 80’s, when he went solo. He scored a string of hits, including “Running With The Night” –

Catchy tune.

Soon after came “All Night Long,” with a video directed by former Monkee and music-video-pioneer Mike Nesmith…

There were others as Lionel racked up hit after hit, such as “Dancing On The Ceiling,” which had a novel idea for the time. In true 80’s fashion, it also had keytar.* Another was “Say You, Say Me” (which I hope to never hear again).

But probably the most-remembered (and definitely most-ridiculed) Lionel Richie song was “Hello.” The song was already syrupy enough to supply every Waffle House in America, but the video just added so much more… you just gotta watch it –

Makes you wanna murder a kitten, doesn’t it? Still, he made hardcore bank off that one, adding more “Rich” to the “Richie.”

Jimmy Fallon, music fan unparalleled and former member of Blue Oyster Cult, actually polished that turd –

Brilliant. I am moved. As should you be.

*To be explored in another post soon.

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  1. Never was a Richie fan but this was a nice retrospective. And I realize All Night Long is a great song, with lots of interesting harmonies and cross rhythms going on. But the visuals are wince inducing. Weird how much that dates.

    Given your propensities for robot awareness, I thought the last video was going to be an animatronic head. Turned out to be the real Lionel.

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