Saturday Night Studio – Saint Etienne

Back again with music you likely won’t hear on other radio stations…

In the early 90s, Saint Etienne released their debut album Foxbase Alpha, which featured a cover of a Neil Young song, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” Unlike the spare, acoustic original, they went with a house music style –

Sarah Cracknell sings in the video, but on the original track the vocals were by Moira Lambert, as Cracknell had not yet joined the band on a permanent basis. Sarah did appear in one of the two videos filmed for the song, miming the lyrics. A black and white video was also recorded, with “vocals” by Lucy Golden of the short-lived band Golden.

Version with Sarah

BW version with Lucy

That snippet you heard at the end of the concert vid is the next song in the set, “Method Of Modern Love.” No relation to the Hall & Oates hit from the 80s.

More songs from that show can be found on Youtube here. I rather like “Nothing Can Stop Us” –

Song – Only Love Can Break Your Heart on Amazon

Song – Nothing Can Stop Us on Amazon

Album – Foxbase Alpha on Amazon





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