Rocktober – Saturday Night Shirley

Rocktober begins again, bringing the rain today after a stretch of nice weather, just in time for a Saturday Night Special Studio with Shirley Manson and Garbage –

The band is probably best known for two songs – the above and the radio mainstay “Stupid Girl” –

Shirley doesn’t hesitate to let people know where they stand, does she?

Have an entire concert from 20 years ago, when they were just starting out.

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  1. I briefly scanned your video selection, Night Sky.

    I would have viewed them all in their entirety, but I am not a fan of female lead singers. Perhaps you could display a male-oriented band next . . .?

    Just a brief comment on Germans, as per the last festival.

    They make good audiences. I think, as a nationality, they are better music fans than most — as long as they like your music.

  2. Another year flips by, and before you know it, it’s time for another NSR Rocktober COUNTDOWN!!!!! (COUNTDOWN . . . Countdown . . . countdown . . . ountdown . . . ntdown . . . down . . . own . . .)

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