Saturday Night Studio – Postmodern Jukebox

So where do you go to find pop hits from the last several decades covered in the style of swing and jazz standards from a bygone era?  Postmodern Jukebox has that niche, uh, covered.

For example, check out this vintage jazz cover of “Lovefool” by the Cardigans –

I don’t know about you, but I’ve waited 25 years for an “Old Jack Swing” cover of New Jack Swing stylists Bell Biv Devoe

Electronic Dance Music song “Lean On” done in the style of 70s Stevie Wonder? They got that –

…and it’s good. Far better than the original.

It might seem a bit naive to attempt covering a Talking Heads melody in vintage 40s swing style, but I guess they must be having fun. I liked it.

I have to wonder what urban, cosmopolitan feminist-y types think of PMJ’s cover of “Blurred Lines” – all the alleged rapiness with that bluegrass sound that makes the Tumblrinas teeth grind. Bonus points for a woman singing it. [Extra double bonus: listen to it at 1.25 x normal speed]

There’s also an instrumental keyboard mashup deep in the archives titled “Call Me Al, Maybe.”

This is how they remind me of how they polished an unpolishable turd with some Motown sound –

Lastly, one that sort of fits their bailiwick even before they covered it… I always liked this Fiona Apple song, but this cover suits it perfectly. Fiona should have done an alternate version in this style, because she was born sing in this style –

Thanks to my wife for discovering this.

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  1. Don’t remember where you guys live, but swing and jazz bands are slowly coming back into style. I was just at a swing dance event this evening at a major university that had nearly 200 college students in attendance with a live professional swing band.

    • I’ve been hearing that swing is coming back into style for 17 years or so. That said, I believe it’s picking up steam now. Not at all surprising, considering the pathetic state of mainstream music.

      • It’s fairly slow and gradual, rather than a massive explosion in the 90s. It will be more sustainable this time around.
        I forget what part of the country you live, but some places have it more than others.

  2. Great sounds all the way through. The ladies in “Old Jack Swing” have a kind of The Commitments vibe!

  3. I love these guys and this is a great compilation of their work. I’ll simply have to reblog it – hope that is ok!

  4. Great finds. I’ve always liked Swing and that era of sound.

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