Saturday Night Studio – Battle Of The Happy Cheery Theme Songs

NSR: “Got any ideas for a Saturday Night Studio post?”
Mrs. NSR: “How about some relentlessly cheerful anime openings?”
NSR: “…….”
NSR: “Sure, why not”?

Have some unrelenting upbeatedness!

Azumange Daioh

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Eureka Seven Opening

One that I recall from when I was a kid (before they called it “anime”)…

Battle Of The Planets!

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  1. The problem is that this is a bottomless well of cheerful relentlessness!

    Sadly and unavoidably, I’m more old school.

    Theme from Dr. Slump: Arare chan (by the creator of Dragon Ball, from the pre-Dragon Ball days):

    Kinniku man theme:

    Chibi Maruko Chan:

    Papua kun:

    Pulling your hair out yet?

    Rerere no Tensai Bakabon

    Yamazaki Ichiban:


    I know there’s no-one left in the room now, but I can’t stop.

    Kochikame Ryotsu:

    Sazae san!

    Cheerful? Relentness? SFW? You decide:

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