Random Static: Phoning It In

Allamagoosa recently got a new phone.

Picards Andoid smartphone


Even though I was aware of the song, somehow it escaped my notice (or just as likely slipped what remains of my mind) that Kenny Rogers used to be a psychedelic rocker.


Discovered this guy last weekend. He’s posted over one thousand videos of (mostly) acoustic guitar or piano covers of classic rock songs and oldies, like the Beatles, Elvis, Burt Bacharach, Frankie Valli, even some Steely Dan. And of course the Monkees.

He’s also taken requests for songs outside his normal sphere, which results in unusual coolness…

He did songs by Human League and Daft Punk just for the heck of it. There’s a Death Cab For Cutie piano cover in there somewhere. And his voice sounds almost dead on like the singer from Right Said Fred.


I don’t recall if I posted this before or not… this guy is the greatest drummer in the world.

The host blathers until about the 40 second point, but the real show starts around 1:00.

I can offer no explanation about the toilet seat.


I would apologize for the ultra awful Data joke at the top, but I would be lying.

Geordis iPhone

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  1. Uw, Uw, Uw. That hurt.

    Wasn’t that Kenny Rogers number prominent in The Big Lebowski?

    Good musical potpourri!

    • Uw, Uw, Uw. That hurt.

      You’re welcome.

      The Kenny song was used in the movie, but I’ve never seen it. I plan to fix that this week.

      That guy does have quite the mix of tunes, doesn’t he? There’s some surprises in there.

      • Nice stuff indeed! I like the backwards guitar reel at the start of the KR song too! Reminds me of Hendrix playing the tape backwards in “Are You Experienced” (from 1:38). At least, I think that’s what Hendrix was doing . . .

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