4 years since I started this thing in 2012. It’s changed a lot since then, and so have I. Not sure where to go from here – writing about leftism is kind of pointless now since it’s almost all beyond parody. Same with politics. Guess it’s mostly down to music and comics and such, with a few insights about life thrown in here and there.

And, of course, posts about strange future-tech stuff.

Because I always like to end on a classy note.

About nightskyradio

Random signals from nowhere in particular.

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  1. Missed the versary! Happy fourth! . . . I guess . . .

    I understand the blog angst.

    I think the first post I visited here had a similar future tech stuff theme.

  2. Night Sky,

    I read your comment on Chateau Heartiste and was drawn . . . as if by magic . . to you.

    I have a recent article on THE MOST INFLUENTIAL POP MUSICIAN EVER. I would <strongVERY MUCH like you to add your two cents to my opinion and that of the other four commentators who opined. Consider it my personal invitation to you.

    And keep writing. I will be reading. I am a HUGE lover of music, centering on eurodance and all forms of synth music, rock music, and ballds in the style of Josh Groban (I know, it sounds mock-worthy, but it’s true.)

    *gone for now, cloak fluttering*

  3. *sighs* I fucked up my comment. If it wasn’t clear, I’m saying, *waves hand* come on over qedbook.wordpress.com, my site, and read the article MOST INFLUENTIAL POP MUSICIAN EVER. Or click on my name, I guess.

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