Day Of The Waffle

August 24 started out as nothing…. literally

Waffle Day

No, really.

Waffles are the highest form of breakfast food. One can deduce the greatness of waffles through the scientifically-proven “New York Times Test” – if the New York Times says something, there’s a 95% chance that the exact opposite is true. NYT columnist Tom Friedman is a hardcore supporter of pancakes. Therefore, while pancakes are indeed great, waffles are betterer. Indeed, pancakes are fabled in story and song for not living up to their golden-brown promise –

Pancakes may be more versatile, but waffles reign supreme as the breakfast choice. It’s mathematically proven. [Click to embiggen]

Geometric Breakfast Grid

Thanks to my wife for providing the mathematical research.

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  1. Long after I read this I was still laughing. Thanks.

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