Rocktober – Tubular Chocolate

The song “Tubular Bells” was quite popular when I was a kid.  I remember it popping up all over the place, including TV commercials. It had a strange, vaguely nightmare-like vibe to it that made even mundane boring stuff seem a little creepy. I’m not sure, but I think even science fiction magazine Omni used the song in a TV ad, which definitely added to its mystique.

It was released in May 1973, and later that year was used in the movie The Exorcist. Fitting, given the eerie feel of the song. It seemed like a perfect song for a horror film. Or perhaps for Halloween time.

In 1978, the movie Halloween came out, with a sort-of-but-not-quite similar soundtrack –

Not the same song, but there’s some definite overlap.

However, a more recent (and some would say scary) song has commonalities with “Tubular Bells,” If you listen closely –

The connection occurred to me several days ago, and I thought someone should make a mashup of the two and post it on YouTube.

Apparently I am not the first to notice this, since I found this about 5 minutes ago –


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  1. Good, and disturbing find. Tubular Bells definitely has that creepy vibe to it.

  2. Since you’re on mashups, the last one would be a good soundtrack for an Epic Rap Battle between Michael Myers and Regan.

    I’m the Queen of the genre, bro, but king of horror you are not
    You’re ’bout as scary as the other Mike Meyers doing Dr. Evil and Scott . . .

    etc. etc.

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