Kicking ‘S’ For 75 Years

[Or: “Two Minutes Cape”]

Superman from 1938 to 2013 in a two minute animated video by Bruce Timm (of animated DC Comics works) and Zack Snyder (Man Of Steel director).

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They skip over a lot – they have to – but they worked in a lot of cool stuff from over the years.

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  1. Cool! Happy 75th Superman!

    OK, here’s some Japanese trivia you might like. The creator of Dragonball had a series in the early 80s called Dr. Slump & Arale chan (Arale chan was a ingenue robot kid with super strength and Dr. Slump was her father/creator). It was an inspired and irreverent series, still unmatched, in my opinion.

    So one of the characters was Suppaman (a play on the word “Suppai” which means “sour”–“Sour Man”) who was a wannabe man of steel. This episode was called “Our Hero Suppaman.” Suppaman has a show of strength with Arale chan. Superman, robot kids, and talking poop! What’s not to like here?

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