Rocktober Extra – The Mystery Of Roll

When you see a chance, take it /  To make bad puns, fake it

While you see a chance, take it / For awful puns, make ’em

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  1. Masterpiece!

    I don’t get the second to last frame, though . . . Is it referring to the Abbot and Costello skit?

    • Indeed it is, sir, indeed it is.

      Which may have inspired Rat in his baseball-themed choice of weaponry at the end.

      So what should I do for post #200 (which is next in sequence)?

      • Well, every post has been a surprise so there’s not much point in saying “Surprise me.”

        I’m still gonna put my money down on Chick Corea doing Great Pumpkin Waltz as “best Halloween jazz cover in the history of recorded music” but I don’t know if it fits with the ambience you’ve got going.

        Nightmare Before Christmas has some good song sequences but I suspect that’s too predictable for Nightsky’s night ride. That being said, I think Boogie Man’s song would be the one in the movie that is closest to the Nightsky ideal.

        I’ll still say the opening credit sequence of Nosferatu is ultra creepy, but real dead bodies rather than fake dead bodies is pushing it even for this envelope pushing establishment.

        So, that’s where I am with it now. Kinda inconclusive.

        • Hey, I just realized my next post will be #500 for me! (When I first started I was doing like 4-5 per day, then gradually adjusted to reality.)

          So, I’ll be promoting/linking your X hundredth post with my X hundredth post!

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