It’s Twosday, two years and two months after I first started this thing, and this is the 200th post.

Past that, I got nothin’ to say, so here’s a fun image with one of my favorite characters cheerily celebrating 200 –

Flash 200

Ack! Wrong 200. That’s not exactly sunshiny and cheerful. Let’s try again…

Batman 200

Better. There’s even a couple shots of Bats smiling. Who woulda thunk it?

Thanks to everyone who hangs out here.


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  1. Happy 200!!!

    Here’s another notable 200 to mark the event:

    I’m on 499 now.

    499 whacked out posts. All because of you. I don’t know what I’ll do for the 500th. Probably something anti-climactic.

    • On your post – congrats on 500, dude! – you wrote “.. like Nightsky, we celebrate by playing with numbers.” Well then… let’s play with some numbers so much even Einstein would get ticked.

      This 200th post came on a Twosday exactly 2 years and two months (minus 2 days for each of the 2 years, or 4 (2+2) days) after I started it in 2012 (two 2s, for the 2nd time this century, the other being 2002, which only had 2 actual integers), with 2 images of 2 of my fave comic characters (the 2nd image has 2 heroes), was posted at 2:12 PM,* and as of this writing, has 2 comments (or a comment and a pingback. Same diff). And I’m writing this 2 calendar days after I posted (I’m up past midnight again). Posted on Oct 21… 10/21. 1+0+2+1 = 4, or 2 + 2 (or 2 x 2… that’s 2 ways of arriving at the same sum). Add in the year and we get 10/21/2014, or 1+0+2+1+2+0+1+4 = 11, or 2 ones, which added together = 2. I could probably come up with more if I thought about it some. Such as 2014 is the 2nd year this century with 4 unique integers, the last 3-integer year being 2012.

      Also 2 images of Flash** on the first cover, and 2 images of Batman smiling on the 2nd.

      Yeah, this is how my mind works. Sick of numbers yet?

      * Or maybe 2:11, which has a 2 and 2 ones. The clock was rolling to 2:12 just as a posted. I didn’t even notice the time til I was halfway through the post.

      ** Addendum no. 2 (!) – That 200th issue of Flash had the number “200” appear 200 times throughout the book. I tried Googling it to confirm that my memory is correct, but I got a ton of unrelated stuff, and Zappa’s 200 Hotels. Go fig.

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