Random Static Emissions II: Daddy-O In Hell

Mann-made dis-ass-ter

Men hunted the dildo to extinction. Women angry, yet dating more.

“Dildo Extinction” is the greatest name for a hardcore nihilistic death metal band that I’ve ever heard.

The Thigh’s The Limit

Women in Tokyo sell advertising space on their thighs.

Men can finally claim a legitimate excuse for staring. Truly, a major advance in capitalism.

I’m thinking of designing a logo and corporate-branding Allie.

Bringin’ Da Movies

Allamagoosa showed me the movie “Surf Ninjas.” Rob Schneider (who may or may not have a superpower), a cyborg Leslie Nielsen, and Tone Loc on a surfboard [Would that make Nielsen a surfborg?]. Allamagoosa continues her campaign to try to “pay me back” for all the spine-melting music* I make her listen to.

*View at your own risk.

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  1. That band is so bad it’s not even good bad. It’s just bad.

    I think the thigh displays are up there with the eyeball licking “craze.” It’s totally unreported in Japan because maybe 5 people did it in Tokyo and 2 or 3 in Osaka. But on the Internet it’s “OMG! Look what those whacky Japanese are doing now!”

    But I won’t deny that dildos were hunted to extinction.

  2. That band is so bad it’s not even good bad. It’s just bad

    And you keep watching in on loop, I bet. Hehe.

    But I won’t deny that dildos were hunted to extinction

    Damn those greedy corporations for poaching all those African dildo veldts.

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