I’m up to my 100th post, and I wanted to make it something insightful, noble, uplifting, and memorable.

"Don't forget, it's a two-drink minimum, hot stuff!"

“Don’t forget, it’s a two-drink minimum in my pants, hot stuff!”

Hey, it’s 1 out of 4. I guess I could count it as 2 out of 4 since something is kinda being uplifted in that pic.

Okay, fine. Have something awesome.

Stephen Hawking’s video for The Big Bang Theory panel at Comic-Con 2013.

Thanks for hanging out at this train wreck of a site.

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  1. ‘appy ‘undredth!

    Everytime I turn away, there’s a blogburst around here. Does that mean I should turn away less, or more?

    I was just enjoying the bridge video and the tv commentary.

    • T’anks.

      You should monitor this site 15 hours a day (you gotta sleep and go to the bathroom sometime).

      The bridge is a thing of wonder. I want to go see it in action sometime.

  2. The women are better served as wife and mother. What a waste of beauty.

    • It really is a waste. To me, the one with the bottledong is already looking kinda rough in the face (what I can see of it).

      Seems like women who piss away their beauty also lose their non-physical attractiveness just as fast. A woman who is born not-so-pretty can be graceful and ladylike (as can a pretty woman after she gets up in years), but the girls who aggressively age themselves by endless partying and cockhopping seem repulsive no matter how long they manage to maintain their physical beauty.

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