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Feeling Heart Up For Love

Another cheerfully upbeat Pastis comic.


Enjoy The Valentine

To commemorate this day of love and violent gangster killings –

7 Types Of Chicks Who Annoy Everyone Just By Their Very Existence


Broken Premises

Years ago I worked with a girl I really liked. A lot of things happened (and yet Nothing Happened), but that’s a story for another post. After a couple months of spending all our time together and yet not so much as shaking hands, she got with an utterly useless guy. A guy that, not too long before, she had told me about his history of drinking, substance abuse, and violence. Ok, fine, whatever. Her life, her choice.

Not too long after that, she showed me (I prefer to think she wasn’t waving it in my face) her engagement ring. I asked her when the wedding was. She said they weren’t planning a wedding.  I asked why not. She said it was a promise. This went round and round for a minute or two. I asked what the hell is an engagement ring a promise of if you’re not planning to marry? No real answer to that, just more vague waffling.

I had gotten used to this type of unlogic from her by now, so I let it drop.

This came soon after another twisted dating misadventure (tip for girls – if you go out with a guy a few times and like him, don’t let his moonstruck friend hang all over you at a party until you show up and then say “but I like you better.” He won’t believe you). These two incidents so close together were probably my first up-close, unflinching gaze into the hamster den, where anything goes as long as it keeps going without  a second look.

Clark Kent’s Broom Closet

Must be something in the water. More political news about comics…

Ender’s Game author – and board member of anti-gay marriage group  The National Organization For Marriage – Orson Scott Card is writing for the new digital comic Adventures Of Superman. Gay marriage activists are rather upset, and have started a petition to have Card fired.

Zeus Comics in Dallas TX will boycott the print edition. As far as I know, Zeus Comics isn’t demanding Card be fired, only saying they will not be carrying the comic. Their choice, and I’m fine with it. A private business is perfectly entitled to carry or not carry what they choose. Just like how DC Comics, also a private company, is free to hire anyone they choose.

Regardless of all this, I somehow doubt Superman comics will suddenly be shot through with overt anti-gay marriage themes. Even if Card wanted to include them, DC Comics would put a stop to that with a quickness. Can’t rile the customer base.

Card wrote an essay in 2004 outlining his opposition to gay marriage. I agree with him.

Superman's Pal, indeed

Superman’s Pal, indeed

The Lab Called…

Took the Myers-Briggs test.

Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is: INTJ, the “Strategist”

  • Introversion: 80%
  • iNtutitive: 60%
  • Thinking: 90%
  • Judging: 70%

I guess that sounds about right.

Occupied Like A Men’s Room

I’ve had a half-written post for a while now about how the comics I read as a kid have become utterly unsuitable for kids today. I was going to finish it up and post it this week. I still plan to do that, but today I saw this.

DC Comics Turns Occupy Movement Into a Superhero Title

Eighteen months after the phrase first entered the collective public consciousness, the plight of the 99 percent is coming to mainstream superhero comics — via a new series from the second biggest publisher in the American comic industry, which just happens to be a subsidiary of a multi-national corporation that makes around $12 billion a year. Irony, anybody?

In May, DC Comics will launch two new series taking place in their mainstream superhero universe that offer different insights into the class struggle in a world filled with superheroes, alien races and inexplicable events. The Green Team, written by Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures creators Art Baltazar and Franco, with art by Ig Guara, revives an obscure 1975 concept about teenage rich kids who try to make the world a better place with their outrageous wealth. In an interview promoting the series, Franco promised that it would address questions like “Can money make you happy?” and “If you had unlimited wealth, could you use that to make the lives of people better?”

…But while DC is promoting The Green Team series as the adventures of the “1%,” its companion title, The Movement, is teased as a chance for us to “Meet the 99%… They were the super-powered disenfranchised — now they’re the voice of the people!”

…Only time will tell whether The Movement will live up to the subversive examples of these earlier books, or just end up a well-intentioned piece of topical super heroics that trades on, and commodifies, a real political movement.

I read some of Gail Simone’s work several years ago – she’s a good writer when she wants to be, but she’s bought into a significant amount of the feminist/progressive worldview. I know nothing about the people working on the other book. Both books sound like what the columnist called “pre-packaged populist rebellion.”

The Cartoonist’s Infinite Sadness

Stephan Pastis brings the pain like a bullet.

If you don't know what this means, you must have been born after 1979, you 33-and-under zeroes.

If you don’t know what this means, you must have been born after 1979, you 33-and-under zeroes.

Gunning For Superman

Superman actor Dean Cain keeps his guns.

Even Superman sometimes faces someone tougher than he is.

Even Superman sometimes faces someone tougher than he is.

Tip of the ….cape?… to Bookworm Room.

Horses Of Babylon

Found on KPC

Minnie Driver names names. Very NSFW and very funny.

We Can’t All Be Heroes

I’m just gonna copy from What Do You Do For An Encore? because he said it so well, and add a couple thoughts afterward.

Nightsky brought this to my attention. Kids, an inflected form of the “F” word appears approximately 4 times in this song. The “S” word appears once. So, I wash my hands.

The way it happened was I was trying to find a Youtube for Twaughthammer he was telling me about and then I thought that a video of Wax performing live was the one he meant based on the search terms I was using and I said to Nightsky is this it and Nightsky said no but this is good and then he checked out some more by Wax and recommended the above and thanked me for turning him on to it even though it was Nightsky that turned me onto it and the other Wax thing that I did turn him onto was just a mistake because I thought it was the Twaughthammer thing he was telling me about.

So somewhere in there credit is due to someone . . . for something.

Now that I got that out of the way, I like “We Can’t All Be Heroes.” I like to hear rap turning back to soul and horns. Rap is not really my thing (even though I liked some of Eminem’s stuff) but I certainly realize it’s my generational handicap.

In this case, I’m still dealing with the shock of finding a practical, realistic message coming from a rap song, or any song for that matter. [emphasis mine]

I’ve never been much into rap – I did like some of the 80s and early 90s stuff before it all turned into fake posturing by fur-wearing,  champagne sipping poseurs, but most of it was just the same old themes of thug life over recycled music samples. This song is different. There’s a wealth in the lyrics if one really pays attention. This guy is telling his story. The story of a lot of guys.

Read the lyrics. It’s practically a manosphere anthem. Plus it’s got a nice retro-70s style groove.