The Cartoonist’s Infinite Sadness

Stephan Pastis brings the pain like a bullet.

If you don't know what this means, you must have been born after 1979, you 33-and-under zeroes.

If you don’t know what this means, you must have been born after 1979, you 33-and-under zeroes.

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  1. I was born way before 1978. And I don’t get it! Help me!

    Oh, Wanderer?

    That user name is gone. Who knows where he “wandered” off to this time. If you ask me, he didn’t add much to the mix, anyway.

    He’ll be happier wherever he is now.

    • Go ask Wanderer. I hear he knows some things about sadness.

      • I’ve got better things to do than “wander” around looking for that numbskull. Am I my user name’s keeper?

        Anyway, if a person has a blog I guess they should try have the same name as their blog.

        Now, according to my new protocol, I don’t understand anything unless I watch a Youtube.

        (Well what’s wrong with that? It’s just like Khan Academy, just applied to every other area of life.)

  2. I was born in 1972, and I either don’t get this or I just don’t find it funny. Is it that they are blaming him for making them sad, or that they are complaining about how they are drawn, or what? o_O

  3. I love SP but I still didn’t get this. 1981 here.

  4. You know, it would have helped if the melons didn’t look like coconuts.

  5. UUuwwwww.

    You should stop dating transvestites.

  6. Love it! Smashing Pumpkins are the only band I ever got truly obsessed with. I still have all their albums in my rotation. I think I’ve bought Mellon Collie at least 6 times from wearing it out. But I refuse to acknowledge the current iteration under that name.

    • I liked “Bullet… With Butterfly Wings” before it got played to death, and a couple other songs here and there, like “Ava Adore.”. In the 90s I was more into Nirvana, NIN, and Alice In Chains.

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