We Can’t All Be Heroes

I’m just gonna copy from What Do You Do For An Encore? because he said it so well, and add a couple thoughts afterward.

Nightsky brought this to my attention. Kids, an inflected form of the “F” word appears approximately 4 times in this song. The “S” word appears once. So, I wash my hands.

The way it happened was I was trying to find a Youtube for Twaughthammer he was telling me about and then I thought that a video of Wax performing live was the one he meant based on the search terms I was using and I said to Nightsky is this it and Nightsky said no but this is good and then he checked out some more by Wax and recommended the above and thanked me for turning him on to it even though it was Nightsky that turned me onto it and the other Wax thing that I did turn him onto was just a mistake because I thought it was the Twaughthammer thing he was telling me about.

So somewhere in there credit is due to someone . . . for something.

Now that I got that out of the way, I like “We Can’t All Be Heroes.” I like to hear rap turning back to soul and horns. Rap is not really my thing (even though I liked some of Eminem’s stuff) but I certainly realize it’s my generational handicap.

In this case, I’m still dealing with the shock of finding a practical, realistic message coming from a rap song, or any song for that matter. [emphasis mine]

I’ve never been much into rap – I did like some of the 80s and early 90s stuff before it all turned into fake posturing by fur-wearing,  champagne sipping poseurs, but most of it was just the same old themes of thug life over recycled music samples. This song is different. There’s a wealth in the lyrics if one really pays attention. This guy is telling his story. The story of a lot of guys.

Read the lyrics. It’s practically a manosphere anthem. Plus it’s got a nice retro-70s style groove.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Nightsky!

    I found out through my painstaking research (that is, reading a Wikipedia entry) that he launched his music through Youtube. I like that DIY artistic model. A lot of WAX’s other stuff at his site is quite good, but I won’t link it because some of the videos are NSFW.

    Let’s make sure especially to tell folks not to watch the song called Rosana. It’s not Gilda Radner. Really, it’s not. Folks, don’t watch Rosana!

    There, that oughta do it.

  2. BTW, Eminem’s “My Name is Slim Shady” is one of the funniest songs I’ve ever heard, and “Stan” is definitely the most disturbing depiction of celebrity idolatry and descent into madness ever (with the possible exception of novels/movies like Day of the Locusts and King of Comedy).

  3. Nightsky, did you see this one by Wax? I just caught it. It’s borderline SFW, I think. And fuuunnnnnyyyy.

  4. That was kind of a liberal interpretation of SFW, actually. Sorry. Maybe exercise a little prudence.

  5. There must be something in the air.

    Why . . . I remember back in my day . . . (cough, hack) they used to say “Tune in, turn on, and” . . . and . . . (hack, spit) What was that other one they used to say again? “Turn in, and tune out, and . . . drop off” is what they used to say if I remember right. (cough) That was it, yeah.

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