Dream Into Action

The four stages of technological progress –

Phase 1 – Origination and dissemination of idea, often through Science Fiction

Lila, The Build-A-Friend from OMAC

Lila, The Build-A-Friend from OMAC

Phase 2 – Ideas hrönired into reality engineered by Science!

Phase 3 – Refinement, mass production and Integration into lifestyle [Hat tip to Wdydfae]

Phase 4 – Ordinary everyday horseshit drama

And you thought "Friends" was bad with mere humans

And you thought “Friends” was bad with mere humans

All 4 stages neatly summed up

Do not ride the hoverboard. BE the hoverboard!

Do not ride the hoverboard. BE the hoverboard!

Bonus round for anyone who caught the title reference

The Apocalypse of Exuberant Hairstylings was narrowly avoided when the 1980s, in a surprise move, ended.

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  1. Great post! Great comic selection.

    Did you watch the second video all the way through? I can be pretty immune to cuteness attacks, but my defenses were breached with Robi in the longer video. I surrender! I surrender to the robot underlords!

    • I watched both. Robi dancing was maybe possibly a little cute. But then, the Japanese could make The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding their steeds through civilization and scything people with flaming swords as the world burns to its final end cute.

      There’s probably an anime out there somewhere which is just that. I’ll have to ask Allamagoosa.

  2. This MASSIVELY UNSAFE FOR WORK but hilarious College Humor video brought back to mind all those great robo threads of yore:

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