Batting .500

So I had cheese pizza for lunch, had something small with no meat before going to work, and at 3 minutes to midnight I was thinking I could eat meat again and maybe go out for a burger, and suddenly remembered the bag of beef jerky on the desk that I had been snacking on about an hour beforehand.

So close.

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  1. (Clasps hands reverenty, tilts head piously, gazes heavenward) God honors the intention.

  2. *sigh* And we had even discussed having an omlette du fromage. 🙂

  3. I used to have that Steve Martin album.

    Ha, we still have it. Do you think HHG would ever throw out an LP? No, he would not. Much to my consternation.

    Speaking of consternation – I misspelled omelette. Zut alors!

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